In this episode of From Tailors with Love, Matt Spaiser and I talk about what’s new in the world of style pertaining to James Bond. We interview James Bond costume designer Jany Temime on her career to date and how she got involved with the franchise.

Jany Temime has since stepped down as the designer for James Bond as we await for further news from EON as to who will take up that roll.

The New York Meet Up

Matt and I discuss our meet up in New York over the weekend and the James Bond locations of Live and Let Die. (See above). I’ll be doing a full blog on that soon so follow my James Bond Pinterest board to stay notified.

James Bond Pinterest Board

Latest From Brioni

We discuss the latest Brioni advertising campaign, Tailoring Legends, featuring Pierce Brosnan. There’s also a run down on the James Bond auction that took place at the BFI recently.

We also highlight the fantastic Tender Buttons Shop in NYC. It has every kind of button you may wish for. They deliver but if you’re local to NYC then they can be found on 62nd Street.

Podcast Sponsors

Lastly this podcast is sponsored by Base London shoes. Our listeners can get a unique discount when they type in BOND10 at the checkout.

These trainers below are from Base London called the Wafer Waxy. The missus and I clocked up 15k a day walking around New York and these trainers felt stylish and comfortable throughout. Also available in Tan.

Not overly practical for walking 15k, (although I did and they held up) these monk strap Chelsea Boots are called Morrow Burnished. Available in 3 colours and with our discount code BOND10 you’ll get an exclusive deal.

Learn how to drink Whisky with GreatDrams

Lastly we’re pleased to also have GreatDrams on board as a sponsor of the show. Greg Dillon the editor and personal friend knows just about all there is to know about distilled drinks.

I wish I knew Greg back in the day when I was drinking absolute garbage. It’s true I don’t drink anymore (one year sober) but I still believe that distilling whisky is an art form, and like any art form it needs someone like Greg’s expertise to teach others how to appreciate it.

Our listeners can get a unique discount on his book GreatDrams of Scotland when you type in the code gdos10 at the checkout. 

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