This week on the podcast, From Tailors With Love, Matt and I talk about the Ivory Dinner jackets from the James Bond films. Matt picks out his favourites and I challenge him on Sean Connery’s physique in Diamonds Are Forever.

Listener Mail

From Tom Cull

Have you heard about the Courtauld’s range of clothing in the 60s, that used Bond as a promotion? Fleming wasn’t happy about it. Can’t seem to find any images of it….

My answer

Don’t know, I’ve emailed a company that bought the defunct brand, but first I’ve heard of it. They were a big producer of cloth and textile in the UK at the time so chances are they could have supplied the material. I have emailed the company that are on the WIKI page for Courtauld’s will report back.

From Carl Thompson on Twitter

Is it possible that Daniel Craig suits are too tight in the opening scenes of Spectre due to the safety wires that are used? They look like they’re restricting the suit jacket further?

Matt answers the above in the podcast. Photo taken from the James Bond picture archive website Thunderballs.

We also have the results in from last weeks Wardrobe wars below. Thanks to everyone that voted.


Ralph Feinnes does a style edit for The Jackal magazine. Styled by Gareth Scourfield who declined an invitation to come on the podcast.

The interview mentions Bond fleetingly, Ralph apparently is dismissive and can’t even recollect the name of the new director. I think this is just a bit of gamesmanship to move the conversation on. As Bond would say..

“It’s just misdirection.” (Oh but which film?)

We mention Tom Ford and his new line of underwear. Very saucy, not sure Bond would want to be wearing these.

In other James Bond news, Brioni have Christian Slater in the Essentials collection. New Youtube video. We are still trying to find someone from Brioni to come on the show and talk about their tenure with the Bond franchise. So far, no dice.

New Menswear store opening for John Smedley in Marylebone. (I have removed the link because it doesn’t take me to a secure connection).

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We will be releasing a new YouTube channel on Matt’s site soon, The Suits of James Bond.

I will still be posting clips of the show onto my YouTube page for shits and giggles.


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