This week Matt Spaiser from The Suits of James Bond I  to David Leigh from the James Bond Dossier. The episode of From Tailors With Love is available to download from iTunes here.

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I talk about  how he channeled Lazenby to get up out of a chair.

Matt talks about the latest snaps of Daniel Craig in a Herringbone jacket and the phoney Roger Moore Ski Jacket that just got pulled from auction.

Bondian News


Since 2010, Pierce Brosnan has been the face of SPAR Premium groceries in Austria. The tuxedo looks like it could be Brioni but is not the same one he wore for the recent Brioni Essentials campaign. Matt Spaiser describes it thus..

The lapels are most likely faced in grosgrain silk, not self-faced. Brioni likes using grosgrain silk, which isn’t as shiny as the more common satin and is more old-fashioned.

The shirt fastens with black onyx studs, so no buttons and not a fly-front either (which has covered buttons like on Daniel Craig’s shirt in Casino Royale).


Brioni opens in Harrods

Brioni has launched in Harrods developed with designs done in collaboration with David Chipperfield, architects in Milan. Suits starting at £3,370.

Over 7000 stitches and more than 24 hours of craftsmanship goes into the making of each one.

Cloths available are wool, cashmere and linen in a collection of classic double-breast and single-breast silhouettes in birdseye, houndstooth and herringbone weaves.

Daniel seen out wearing a tweed herringbone overcoat. Long point Collar, and tie.

Charcoal Suit courtesy of Whats Daniel Wearing on Instagram.

If you need info on Knives Out check out the latest article on Indie Wire.

The Fake Roger Moore Jacket!

Yes there’s been some right old bullsh*t getting turfed out in auctions of late. We all heard about the fake Walter PPK from Dr. NO that got pulled. We also discuss the Douglas Hayward Ski Jacket from For Your Eyes Only that was exposed as a fake.

For more on that conversation follow the comment thread in a secret James Bond forum.


Everyone will be looking to rent a cheap ass tux for the Secret Cinema. I’ve done some quiet digging and found the cheapest rental will be from Moss Bros for £53.

Obviously I’m writing this 6 months before so please be mindful that the high street may have completely vanished by then.

You’ll get the suit 2 days before the event, giving you enough time to get it altered. More details on the rules of delivery here.

Listener Mail

Matt which is your favourite stylistic non-Bond film that features Pierce Brosnan, for me it’s the Thomas Crown Affair? His crisp suits and effortless demeanour still holds up and even usurps the Douglas Hayward suits of Steve McQueen in the original, what do you think? Mike Schneider

Bond has never had a scene in the franchise where he visits a tailor. If you could write that scene what would it look like and who would be in the scene? Jonathan Hart

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