This week Matt Spaiser from The Suits of James Bond and I sit down to discuss the style of James Bond. In anything Bondian Matt talks about his Roger Moore editorial in a Japanese magazine, Mens Precious.

Pete talks about joining the same phone network as Mi6.

In Bondian news they discuss the You Only Live Twice Suit in the Profiles in History auction. Expected to fetch $100k, auction to be held mid-December. You can check the link for details.

In Wardrobe wars Pete calls out for Burberry whilst Matt lobby’s for Richard James. I had to edit some of this out of the show but check out this banned advert from Richard James. I like the idea, not sure it’s one of those ideas that should have ever been actualised.


To Marty for coming on the show and for sending me that picture of Clifton James (bottom of post).

To Brian Dobson from James Bond Radio, Bobby from Matched Perfectly and Jason Riddle all getting in touch with various comments and messages of support for the show.

Here are the results from last weeks poll hosted by Menswear Style on Twitter.

This week Pete sits down with Marty from the upcoming picture archive website,

You can download the podcast in iTunes and Stitcher

Or you can listen to it on the player here. I will be posting a YouTube clip from the show shortly and we’ll also be doing a full written interview of Marty on the site in a couple of weeks.

PS – If you’re looking for a place to vote for Wardrobe wars then you can vote on the Menswear Style Twitter Poll , that’s running all week!





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