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Guys I’m going to run through this real quick because as the Average White Band once said “I’ve got Sh*t to do!”

Or something like that.

So I’ve just released a brand new podcast about the style of James Bond called FROM TAILORS WITH LOVE.

Together with my co-host, Matt Spaiser, Editor of The Suits of James Bond we’ll be walking you through all the suits that James Bond wore in all 24 movies.

The inaugural episode of FROM TAILORS WITH LOVE talks about the style of Ian Fleming and how much of his own style he imparted onto his fictional creation.

We also talk about the Ian Fleming capsule collection from Sunspel and the benefits of Sea Island Cotton. You can watch a clip of Matt and I talking about that here.

Why have I started a podcast about the style of James Bond?

Matt Spaiser and I have been busy on a new project that I’ll tell you about in due course. But our regular conversations always veer into the style of James Bond and we thought it would be a neat idea.

The logistics will be tough as Matt is on New York time, I’m in London. Synchronising the diaries has been tough and getting his bowels to cooperate with a morning interview is quite the feat of acrobatics.

Other names in the hat for this podcast were, Tailors on the Toilet, Fashion with a Flush. You get the idea.

Matt Spaiser and David Mason discuss the style of James Bond

David Mason (left) owner of Mason & Sons and Matt Spaiser (right) editor of The Suits of James Bond

Why Should I listen?

Because it takes ages to set up these kind of projects. There’s the research, the recording, the editing, the promoting, oh and the server fees.

Seriously, we talk not only about the style of James Bond, but the benefits of the fabrics in the suits that he wore, the history of British fashion relevant to the films of the time.

How easy is it to set up a podcast?

A slight caveat here. It’s a bit of a process to set up a podcast and this is the first I’ve used Libsyn, the podcast cast host.

The podcast fees are $15 a month on the 250mb package. That should be enough storage space to allow 4 x 30 minute episodes a month.

So far I’ve found the platform very easy to use, the support is very quick. (2 questions have been answered by email within 24 hours).

I would say I’m slightly disappointed with the range of statistics. I was hoping that as well as number of downloads, I’d be also given retention stats (how long are people listening to the podcast) and subscriber numbers are also omitted from this package.

Libsyn statistics for podcast

What do I need to know before setting up a podcast?

First know that everyone has a podcast, everyone starts one and most fold after 7 episodes.

You need to buy some decent recording gear.

·      MacBook Pro
·      Focusrite external Sound Card
·      Rode NT1-A Vocal Recording pack (includes pop shield) shop here
·      Microphone Boom Scissor Arm shop here

I would then suggest following this tutorial on Podcast Hosting & Submission Made Simple by Pat Flynn below. I’ve followed it step by step and it’s been very good for me so far.

To find out what podcasts I listen to check out the article Great Educational Podcasts that will up your All Round Game

And finally, you can check out the podcast on iTunes or in the link below.


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