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Dropping today, a brand new episode of From Tailors With Love, the podcast that talks about the style and tailoring of James Bond. The podcast is available to download through the iTunes store.

Brought to you by myself and my comrade Matt Spaiser, editor of the blog The Suits of James Bond.

In this episode we discuss a little Bondage, the introduction of the Orlebar Brown 007 swimwear shorts. We are currently in talks with the good folk over at Orlebar Brown and hope to have the founder Adam Brown on the podcast soon for a chat.

The first episode is close to 500 downloads at the time of writing this (July 2018), be sure to check out the earlier blog on setting up a podcast using Libsyn.

You can listen to the podcast in full in the player link at the bottom of the article. Here is an excerpt of Matt Spaiser talking about how manages to source the details for his blog posts.

Me: Matt how do you manage to get the details for your blog? The colours, the design, the fabric etc?

Matt: There is a lot of pausing rewinding, the most difficult things are the finest details. Sometimes the fabrics are obvious. Sometimes it takes a lot of extra works to see how it drapes, wrinkles. In the Bond films things don’t wrinkle much. Not even a Linen suit is going to crease on James Bond.

Who made the suits for the early James Bond Films?

Anthony Sinclair was the original tailor and made the suits for the first four James Bond films. Sinclair died in 1986 and was survived by his protege Richard Payne who carried on the brand for a spell.

The brand was revived By David Mason in 2012 in time for the London Olympics with the guise of Richard Payne and his son Elliot Mason. Below is an email I received from David regarding the process.

“There is a brown suit in the EON archive and the navy Chesterfield overcoat from Dr No. I think that is it from Connery’s wardrobe.

The YOLT suit was bought from the guy who was planning to appear on a TV show with it. The new owner loaned the suit to me so that we could reverse engineer a pattern for the replicas that were produced.”

The second episode on Dr. No and the tailoring of James Bond can be found in the player link below.


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