I’m going to run a series of key pieces from my wardrobe that I thought might be of interest. These pieces have been loyal, loved and ostensibly worn. The first Key Piece I’d like to talk about is this G-Star Arc 3D Denim Jacket from the season circa SS15.

I used to sell these G-Star denim jackets in a shop just outside of Cambridgeshire that some of you might remember. I took one for myself and this has barely been off my back since.


You can see some neat honeycombs stacks, some wisp fades and distressed tears around the breast pockets. The pockets are what makes this jacket super practical. I have two button down breast pockets where I stash my business cards in one, and keep the other for train tickets.


There’s roomy inside pockets by the waist that I like to stash pens and notebooks in, just in case I get a killer idea or the missus says something funny like ‘This is impressive, even for us. Can you imagine what it means to the people that actually believe in this shit‘. (Talking outside the Vatican).


The latest G-Star denim jackets look a tad bland. They’re a bit ‘new man’ with their pointed collars and ‘shacket’ designs. Very effeminate. I miss the ruggedness in this seasons collection.


This piece is more my style as the branding is less ostentatious than most typical G-Star bits. The leather logo patch on the back is a good example, you can barely make out the name on this patch.


I’m going to take this opportunity to mention that the brands image was at a critical low during this season. It had the reputation of being ‘too ethnic’ in store. I’m treading carefully when I say this, but from what I saw of the demographic that would predominately buy and wear G-Star clothing, I can say that the reputation was well founded.

In short, the brand was very popular with the British Pakistani culture, and this gave the brand an unsavoury stigma for the working class white man. I’ve done a modicum of research on this and there is nothing to support this theory. However, as a former shop manager selling G-Star for 3-4 years, I’m just saying what I see as objectively as I can.


I do believe 2-3 years later, now the Dutch brand has elevated long term collaborator Pharrell Williams to Co-Owner, G-Star seems to be quietly hip and accepted again by all sides. Personally it’s too young for me now. The denim especially looks intoxicating and whilst I appreciate it will have its audience, its too out-there and beyond for me.



I did not expect to go down this rabbit hole, just wanted to give this jacket the light and love it deserves after being such a wonderful servant to my wardrobe all these years.


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I’ll be interested in seeing your comments below, what you opinions of G-Star are and what the reputation of the brand is now.


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