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A few weeks back I posted an article recollecting some fond memories of my time on the island of Ischia

I also wanted to share with you some postcards from the Garden & Villas resort. A 4 star resort that runs over 3 hectares of beautiful garden entwined with a labyrinth of paths that run serpentine through the trees and wilderness.

The outdoor pool is heated for those early morning swims. The dining area is seated next to the pool and stars a plethora of homemade jams and an absolute orgy of freshly cooked pastries.

Ischia is a volcanic island and there is a natural cave within the resort where you can SPA, be pampered with beauty treatments, essential oils and steam baths.

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How do you get there? From the airport depending on traffic you’ll reach the Calata di Porta di Massa in about 20 minutes where you’ll ferry over to the island. The ferry ride lasts approx 90 minutes. Casamicciola is the nearest port, however I recommend arriving in Ischia Porto, as it is better served by private transfers, taxis and buses. A very detailed breakdown on how to get to the Villas & Garden resort can be found on their website.

man swimming in hotel swimming pool

Outside my room there was a cat who seemed a little indifferent as to my being there. Maybe it was his room and he didn’t care to much for being evicted. I tried on many occasions to invite him down for breakfast so we could iron out any wrinkles in what proved to be a fractious relationship. However, I’m sad to report, our differences (what ever they may have been) were left unreconciled.

grumpy cat ischia

cat hiding in bush

garden villas resort ischiaThere is no escaping the ubiquity of the green oasis that surrounds the 9 villas housing the rooms. From one villa to the next you’ll experience a cornucopia of different fragrances offered by the multitude of aromatic plants, olive trees, carob trees, strawberry trees and fruit trees.


Are attentive, come armed with a smile. I was told fervently and frequently that I wasn’t drinking real coffee. (Don’t forget this is still Italy, an Americano is to an Italian what Fosters lager is to a Russian).

But the staff were accommodating in more ways than one. Upon arrival you’re driven to your room in a little golf buggy. Warning – hold on to your hats. The concierge drives like he’s escaping an earthquake. Which I liked.

The property is seasonal and is now closed, due to reopen on April 20th  2018. During high season prices may vary, but rooms start from circa £200.

I was invited on this trip to Ischia as part of a press tour organised by travel tour operators ImperaTours. They offered insightful knowledge on where to eat, places to visit and the itinerary for the three days we stayed there was executed with military precision.

Have you ever been to Ischia? What did you think? Leave a comment in the box below.

hotel in ischia

garden villas hotel in ischia

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