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Article by Kalifa Macauley

I want to start off by introducing the new and refurbished little gem of a bar in Highbury & Islington, The General Store.


The link for The General Store is no longer available.

On entry we were greeted by a lovely doorman and woman. We were given cute wristbands to enter the event and presented with a delicious menu of cocktails.

The bar had a separate menu for a variety of craft beers and snacks which made it feel different to other bars. This place also sells coffee, perfect destination to grab a hectic morning brew before the day begins.

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On looking at the new refurb you can see a difference from its previous settings, as the room is lighter and feels much more spacious and airy allowing you to have a social setting but also intimate if with friends and colleagues.

I was given a comfy booth to share with my guest and told to order when I am ready and someone will be over.

The music and bar chatter of fellow people made the store feel great, as you are surrounded by good energy and lovely staff.

The General Store busy bar that looks like a school canteen

The menu was full of new cocktails to try and included the infamous ‘The General Store Mai Tai‘. After looking at the menu I decided to try Frose as my first, a mixture of rose and vodka with strawberry essence.

This was by far my favourite cocktail, not only for here but I would say my favourite outside Central London.

A fruity and smooth texture with undertones of rose subtly mixed with the vodka made this cocktail a must have.

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The menu consisted of a variety of new takes on classics but also something new, for risk takers like myself to see what the baristas are made of.

Cocktails like English Garden and Honey Mimosa matched the evening weather and was hit the spot on a warm evening. Ending the night with the cocktail Summer Breeze, hints of melon and papaya this cocktail was just right.

The name given for as light and fruity, as the cocktail made you feel the breeze of the evening. Showing you that cocktails can be made for any occasion, if the right ingredients are mixed and ‘The General Store’ have that ingredient.

The service inside was noticeably great. Considering that there was a good turn out of people. The baristas making cocktails each and every time matched what had been ordered with very little mistakes.

The bar staff kept the atmosphere calm and made sure the clientele were cared and catered for.

a striking picture of a cut glass filled with ice and herbs sitting on a bar

pink coloured cocktail on a bar filled with green herbs


Overall I would like to say, I would come back to this little sanctuary of cocktails in East London.

I believe that the location is great as it isn’t far from the overground station making it easy for grabbing a coffee before work, lunch meeting with the boss, in the evening with friends or simply alone to try a craft beer.

If you haven’t been already and want to try the new cocktail menu, I suggest you get down there fast as I don’t think this will be a secret much longer. Good atmosphere and great cocktails that shouldn’t be missed by any Londoner or Tourist.

The General Store
20-22 Highbury Cres, Highbury East, London N5 1RD

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