Something new from Q Branch. It’s called a Radio.’ Bond, Skyfall.

My old radio. Without knowing it, my old radio has probably been the love of my life. She was the voice that would speak to me when no one else would. In my early teenage years I had become increasingly withdrawn – seeking bleak solitude in the sanctuary of my bedroom (such a cliche). My old radio and I were inseparable.


She would fill the corridors of my empty squalors and bedsits throughout my 20’s and 30’s with informative weather reports and scintillating cricket commentary. As a boorish singleton she would serenade my meals-for-one with Chopin, Beethoven, at the whim of the Classical FM DJ of course. (Gosh I sound like I escaped from Devils Island on a raft of coconuts. I’ve not actually had that bad a life).


My point is, friends come and go, flowers wilt, pets get run over and women generally leave, but my old radio has always been there. Without wanting to get too sentimental, perhaps my only true love. However as I mentioned earlier, I am a cliche and when a younger model came along with bigger dials and firmer casing, I had no compunction in trading her in. That’s right, the Goodmans Heritage Portable, has now taken the pride of place on my shelf, although I’d like to make abundantly clear, she is more than just a trophy radio.


So what’s all the fuss? 

The Goodmans Heritage Portable can not only provide the radio, but internet radio. It can stream  and play tunes from your phone using Bluetooth. Although handily I’m using that facility to play my football podcasts whilst skipping rope in the garage. (Who says guys can’t multi-task?).

On a recent visit my tech-savvy Brother recently exploited the inclusion of Spotify Connect, which connects directly to Spotify’s music servers. Using the Undok app on his phone as a fancy remote control, we enjoyed a great night on the whisky listening to his Shirley Bassey playlist. (Regular Tuesday).


Some tech-reviews have taken umbrage with the interface being on top of the radio, saying they need to tilt the device (oh what a calorie burner). Unless you need to pay a visit to the Zoltar machine (Big reference) or have placed the radio beyond your reach, this shouldn’t prove to be a problem. For me it delivers a clean aesthetic and Shirley has never sounded so good.


The Goodmans Heritage Portable is available in Wood and Piano White for £169.99. Available to purchase here.




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