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Clean Cut Kid has partnered with Goose Island for Migration Week, a week-long celebration bringing the spirit of Chicago to London in the form of a barrel-load of Chicago’s finest Goose Island beer.

Last week they headlined The Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen and we managed to get a quick word.

What is your favourite craft beer? (Of course, we would love to hear about some of your favourite Goose Island beers)

Mike’s the beer man in this band – he is super passionate about it and was excited to be teaming up with Goose Island. We enjoyed trying the new Midway session IPA which was on tap at the gig. It was a good night!

You’ve partnered up with Chicago’s famous craft beer brand, Goose Island. How was headlining the Midway Sessions gig? How did the collaboration come about? And what does it mean to you to have closed the week?

We really enjoyed Midway Sessions! The gig was part of Goose Island’s ‘Migration Week’, which was all about bringing the spirit of Chicago to London, and celebrating the best there is in music, food and of course, beer.

We were made up to be partnering with Goose Island and to be part of the week – London has so much culture to offer as a city, so we were honoured to be representing on the music front!

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What inspired the name ‘Clean Cut Kid?’  How did it come about?

The name came about when Mike started really delving into electric guitar. He’d previously mainly played acoustic, so his brother said if he ever got a band together he should call it Clean Cut Kid, from the Dylan goes electric era. So he kept that name tucked away until the band got together!

Clean Cut Kid, most of you are from the Liverpool region. Do you believe this had influence on the music you make?

Definitely! But not to sound a particular way, more in that it’s inspired us to feel creative and free and not to fit into one particular box because that’s the kind of city it is.

Do you have any musical inspirations? Any bands past and present that you feel have helped shaped your sound?

The Beatles Sgt Pepper record just got remixed and re-released and Mike is back in full blown Beatles obsession mode.

It was the first band Mike really got massively into when he was a kid, and it’s cool that now we’re coming up to make our second record and the fires been lit again.

We’re taking a lot of inspiration for the second record in the way that record was recorded…Other inspirations we’ve had along the way: Fleetwood Mac, Peter Gabriel, St Vincent, Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, Youth Lagoon, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Pine Grove….constantly inspired!

A gig at the Hoxton Bar and Grill from the back of the venue

The band will be on tour from June 29th, is there any specifics that you guys like to follow or do prior to touring?

We rehearse a lot leading up to touring, we probably also stress a lot, drink an insane amount of coffee to get everything ready and squeeze in seeing all our friends and family before we disappear off again!

You’ve just released a new album, but do you have any other new projects coming out that your fans should look out for? 

We’ve started the second record already! We just moved into a new rehearsal room and Mike’s building his own studio in there…we’re VERY excited about that!

Clean Cut Kid perform to a packed audience in London


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