Like listening to podcasts but need some fresh voices for your daily commute?

With so many podcasts out there how do you know which ones are any good?

Have you ever shat yourself accidentally whilst watching Coronation Street, followed through on the upholstery and blamed the dog?

Forget the last one, I was just making sure you were awake.

I’m a podcast nut. I must have started over 20 podcasts in my time, the most successful being the Menswear Style Podcast where I spoke to the likes of George Foreman, Evander Holyfield and Stephen Hendry. I also listen to podcasts when I fall asleep, the missus calls them my fairy tales.

Here’s a list of podcasts I think are helping my everyday life. Enjoy.


Mickey Clark (right) regular host of the Wake up to Money podcast

Wake up to Money

Its a good way to start the day. A round up of the world markets and the main headlines that are effecting the world economies. Believe me I’d rather be listening to something a little less taxing (pun intended) but I take little nuggets from this podcast so I’m not completely out of my depth when talking to smart people.


Jocko Podcast

This guy is a retired navy seal and a black belt Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner. I follow him on twitter where he mainly posts pictures of his watch at 4.30AM as he’s about to bench an entire tank (mild exaggeration). Picture the movie poster Robocop where he’s standing next to a pile of rubble from the brick wall he’s just walked through. That’s this guy. Inspirational, intense, more war stories than Uncle Albert.

Alcohol Mastery – Kevin O’Hara

ESPECIALLY if you’re giving up the drink for StopTober then listen to this guy. When I was in my first couple of weeks of sobriety I would listen to the Alcohol Mastery Podcast on repeat and even fall asleep listening to it. If you run out of episodes you can catch all his videos on YouTube.


Vinnie Tortorich 

Hollywood celebrity trainer Vinnie Tortorich talks everyday-ish about fitness, health, diets and nutrition. If you’re looking to make wholesale changes to your life, this guy is accessible, on the money, knows his onions. He also replies to every tweet. So far he’s replied to all of mine which is more than any of my friends or family combined.

Adam Carolla 

I’ve been listening to this guy for about 8 years (and look at me now, if that is not a ringing endorsement then I don’t know what is). He has come up with some great winning slogans in the past, my favourite being ‘don’t do your best, do my best‘. He has inspired me to increase my work ethic and to always keep laying track. Meaning, never let the train run out of road.

James Bond Radio 

As Bond himself would say, “Every man needs a hobby”. A lot of the other podcasts are very tailored towards information, learning, this is a very niche podcast tailored towards my personal obsession with the Bond franchise. However, its introduced me to a community of other like minded Bond nuts. A good podcast will make you feel like part of a tribe and this certainly has done for me.


The JBR family on a recent location tour together

Now we want to hear from you. Tell us which podcasts we should be listening to or plug your own in the comment box below. Lastly don’t forget to checkout the Kickstarter campaign to the Menswear Style Podcast that I host.


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