Gresham Blake Cigars Shirt £90

Tuesday 9th Jan


My first day at work at Gresham Blake a design-led tailor in Shoreditch, just by Spitalfields Market. I’m rocking my prince of wales grey check made to measure suit and black cotton shirt. (Though not in this pic). The missus’ orders me to wear matching socks so I slip on my best dress socks from M.P Garments.

In my new place there is no working shower so am bathing. Having a bath in the morning is all backwards. Hopefully that will be remedied soon.


I’m 45 mins early for work, I get a coffee at the independent next door. They don’t do loyalty cards so tomorrow I’ll go over the road to Costa.


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My first customer and only paid customer of the day is a Mr D***d T**k. He bought a Navy Cable knit and a Green Labyrinth tie. I’ll never forget you D***d T**k.

For lunch I went to get some paella from the market. Never again, £6.50!! Welcome to London Pedro. Tomorrow I’ll use up the eggs and mushrooms in the fridge and some avocados.

Today I was taught

  • A suit needs to be treated like a good wine. When done for the day you should let it breathe, hang it somewhere and let it climatise before placing it back in the wardrobe. Inside the wardrobe unless it’s an evening suit that won’t get much mileage, rethink putting it in a bag as it suffocates the fabric.
  • You should also resist dry cleaning your suits. Stick to 2-3 times a year if you can. If you dry clean them once a month they’ll become shiny and lose their quality. Ironing them too hot will knacker them as well.
  • A suit will relax when you wear them, much like a good pair of denim will mould to your fit. A looser weave like linen will relax to your shape better.


I get back home. Overcook the salmon, under cook the sweet potato. I write an article on beating rejection for an online blogger, have another bath and check some Bond locations in Thailand ahead of my trip in May.


I’m beat. Under Seige is on.


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Other thought pieces and diary excerpts can be found on the My Thoughts section of the blog. Let me know what you think of the shirt and please come in and say hello if you’re in East London.


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