Close to the station, right in the centre of town and a stone’s throw away from the main tourist attractions, the Hannong Hotel combines all the attributes for completely unique stay in Strasbourg. On Tripadvisor; rated 10 out of 128 hotels to stay in Strasbourg, lets find out how it faired.


A little small, feet dangled off the bed and I’m all of “5.6. Missus was unimpressed but thats a running theme. 6/10

Toilet paper:

Not pointed, but nice paisley pattern. 7/10



Awesome, dual optionally, over head and one to shoot straight at your balls. Also in the centre of the room, with the option of open blinds. Feels a bit saucy, voyeuristic watching the missus shower with a glimmer of boob through the blinds. 8/10



Good, gave you a half price drink voucher at reception, staff served it up, promptly with a smile. 7/10


Yes, ace actually, no manual or degree in mechanical engineering required to operate the fucker. Same can be said for the Safe. 10/10


Not thrown in, additional €14 ish. After the deluge of carbs, pain au chocolate, croissants and crepes, came this monstrosity of a juicer and a selection of fruit. Fruit upon fruit, peel and piff included, bung the fucker in and hit puree. Of course it exploded and went up the walls, like a shotgun suicide bits of pulp now dripping down the walls to the skirting. As we know the best thing about a fruit smoothie is having someone else clean up the carnage. 8/10


Door Lock:

Finally a door with a key, and a key that works. No zappy-swipe credit card room key debacle. How I’ve missed the halcyon days of feeling the purchase of a key finding it’s groove, the click of a lock chamber engaging, followed by the inevitable shoulder barge on the door itself to wedge it free.  10/10


The hand rails are heated, nice touch fellas. Overall, pleasant stay. Nice antiquated building, a filigree of parquet flooring. You could probably do with emptying the ashtrays on the outside terrace but I’m not going to dock points for that. We’ll be back.





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