Woah look at him go.” – Kid – Back to the Future

NASS Festival returned for three days of banging Drum n’ Bass, Dance, Hip Hop, Grime and high octane action sports. On behalf of Mountain Dew I was invited down to check out some incredible skateboarding and bmx’ing from some of the worlds best in the NASS Pro Park and Vert competitions. Growing up watching Michael J Fox zip round the town square in Back to the Future, and Elliot and his BMX buddies out run the cops in E.T, I knew all there was to know about said sports.


Of course I jest. I knew next to nothing. I knew that I had zero grace on a skateboard and valued my nut sack far too much than to risk splitting it open whilst ski’ing down a hand rail in Morrison’s car park. (Other Supermarket car park hand rails to split your nut sack on are available).

One of the worst injuries I heard came from one of the judges who spoke to me after the Dewtour Bootcamp competition. I quizzed him on a huge scar that ran up his forearm.

“Just slipped. Resulted in a compound fracture with the bone stuck through the skin. The bone scraped up all the graffiti, they had to scrape the graffiti off the bone before they could reset it.”

“And like a surfer that’s had a leg torn off by a shark, did you get back in the water after?”

“You don’t have a choice, it’s an addiction.”


It was almost hypnotic watching these kids (one as young as six) zip along, automagically flipping the boards over ramps and rails. NASS fest also teamed up with the folk at Upfest, the UK’s leading street art voice and creators of the largest and most respected street art festival in Europe. The line up included work from Lost SoulsMy Dog SighsVoyderLokeyLoch NessPaul MonstersSoker amongst others. In the evening Jurassic Five and Knife Party were on the bill, however old man Brooker was safely back at the hotel in his robe and slippers by that point.


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