Plenty to complain about here with this Baden Blume Atrium hotel, and so little time.

Initial thoughts: you’ve never seen a hotel like this. The Atrium design is antiquated, I counted 5 floors and it makes dining a delight. Sadly the new rooms that have been bolted on during the recent renovation lack the character you’ll find in the rest of the building. It has a very ‘Travel Lodge’ feel to it, and the minute I enter the room, I replace the lens cap on the camera, and grant permission to the missus to litter the surfaces with her various accoutrements, bags, jewellery, beauty products what have you.

The missus enters every hotel room like Rudy from Bachelor Party. You have about 10 seconds to get a decent picture before all hell breaks loose.

The view from the room is the best thing, over looking Baden’s famous Limmat river that runs through the valley beneath. But the room had no kettle. It had no fridge. The shower pressure was miserable and the temperature swung capriciously from boiling to freezing without my consent. Luckily it was -10 outside so we were able to chill some water and perch some salmon on the windows ledge.


The spa had all the atmosphere Hannibals’ prison. Which was weird because they had lit the candles in the baths and corridors for previous guests, however blown them out especially for us. When I asked at reception if there was a separate candle package that we needed to subscribe to the girl simply replied, ‘yes’. Super-satisfying.


The phone in the room didn’t work, so I traipsed down to reception numerous times in my bath robe and slippers, much to the bemusement of the other diners. OK the good news. Staff are friendly and if you ask for anything, they’ll get it for you. The breakfast was good, plenty of cereal, eggs, croissants jam, fruit and figs. It’s a ten minute walk to the train station. Despite my grumblings I would return to this hotel. However, I’ll bring my own candles next time and some walkie talkies.


Ever been to Baden, let me know in the comments below. Also if you like hearing me run my mouth be sure to check out my other hotel reviews.

This articles was not sponsored, and this hotel was reviewed without the managements knowledge or consent.


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