26 days of sobriety came to an end for me this week as I sunk two glorious cans of San Miguel and a large Glenlivet at home for a Bond and curry night. Now whilst that was just enough booze to get my buzz on, it was more than enough to give me a hangover the next day. I’ve always maintained I’m more dangerous on a hangover than I am when drunk. My decision making is poorer, my energy levels and productivity is non existent and the day is normally spent beating off into the remains of a takeaway.

So why did it all go spectacularly wrong? And  how wrong is it to have a couple of beers with a Curry? Answer is there is nothing wrong. It was delicious and I enjoyed every sip. Do you ever wonder why dogs drink beer? If you poor a can of Stella into a bowl even a horse will drink it. Beer is universally loved by every mammal on the planet, even ET got p*ssed when he discovered beer.

The only  trouble is as previously mentioned, the consequences. The next day and sometimes depending on how much I’ve put away, for the next couple of days I’m in a hole. Hangovers can be like a Lord of the Rings trilogy. Pointless, long and painful. So I start the sober train again, day 2 now. What can I look out for next time?



God damn when I watch Bond drink its just so sexy. He knows the exact temperature to drink Japanese Sake (98.4 degrees Fahrenheit) he knows the year of the Bollinger without being told, the original vintage upon which a sherry is based. There is nothing sexier on the face of gods green earth than Bond ordering a drink.


My housemate asked when we ordered the curry, ‘What you’re going to eat curry without drinking beer?’ It’s almost an insult to eat curry in the company of others without the caveat of beer. One must be mindful, perhaps either never eat curry in the company of others, or never eat curry.


Housemate Neil, the instigator of b*stardness


It could be most friendships are based upon drink. I actually felt rather guilty for being sober around my housemate, letting him drink alone. Especially when his ex-girlfriend didn’t drink, and now I’m living in his house refusing to get altered with him. It’s almost as if I had let him down. But I realised now, that I must look after number one. I can’t drink just to appease others just so I can be involved in their ‘good time’. If I’m going to drink it must be my own volition. And because beer is delicious.


Holy hangover Batman. I just realised I was hit by the perfect storm. I had the guilt, the curry and Bond to contend with all in one evening. No wonder my resolve wilted like ET’s flowers. It was like a trident attack, impossible to predict and I could do nothing but surrender to it. I was like Swayze at the end of Point Break, I had to take on the wave man.

Point break Point Break Year: 1991 - usa Patrick Swayze Director: Kathryn Bigelow


So why should I give up the booze? It’s a good question. I should be allowed to enjoy the odd beer with my friends, especially if Bond is on the tele. The only reason I’m abstaining is because the drink is becoming less and less congruent with my lifestyle. I’m no longer the guy that spends three days in front of the tele, beating off into empty pot noodles stalking ex girlfriends on social media. Because my tolerance for alcohol has radically diminished with age, my recovery period is longer, and the ill effects are more cavernous.

So there it is, apologies if this was more of a rambling blog, perhaps more of a stream of consciousness and a brain dump. But I hope it helps, writing this has certainly crystallised a few thoughts for me.  Right I’m off to the pub now because the footy is on. Bottoms up.


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