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You perhaps wouldn’t think it necessary fine tuning a Ferrari or Lamborghini. They should come as Q would say in the Bond films, ‘fully stocked’. However, we always like to add the personal touches, impart our personality.

It’s the reason why we humanise cats by giving them Instagram accounts. Because we can. Because we have time on our hands.

Earlier this week I passed a Lamborghini Huracan Evo in Soho painted in Viola 30 with Navri Forged 20″ wheels. The spoiler far more exaggerated, but the effusive colour and ostentatious wheels ameliorate it from just your standard Lamborghini. Not that there is such a thing. (Apologies for the blurred iPhone shot above).

Quite serendipitously the following day I was suitably impressed after being pointed to an article about on Scudareria about the modifications and fine tuning the Lamborghini Huracan.

Huracan upgrades Scuderia

Scuderia Upgrades

The rear carbon fibre Novitec Rear Wing is subtle enough to subtract nothing away from the elegance of the Lamborghini silhouette.

As well as being something that looks like it has been installed in the factory, it’s designed to augment rear axle downforce and support the negative lift.

Who are Scuderia?

Scuderia Car Parts specialise in Original Equipment parts and Performance Tuning products for a variety of performance, luxury and prestige cars.

They are a trusted international distributer to over 85 countries worldwide and have been supplying both retail and wholesale customers for over 13 years.

Scuderia upgrades Ferrari Spider

How would I improve my Supercar? 

I would certainly invest in revolving number plates as Bond does in Goldfinger. Aston Martin announced they’d be recreating 25 DB5’s, modelled on the Silver Birch Goldfinger edition for $3.5 million.

No news as yet of what the functioning gadgets will be but as they won’t be road legal I’m guessing it will have the revolving number plates.

I spotted this Ferrari 488 Spider out in Marylebone last year. I’m hoping the owner has modified his with revolving plates. The other ones read ‘0nly j0king‘ followed by ‘0r am 1‘.

Number plate spy Ferrari


As my brother will eulogise, tyres give the car its identity. Distinctly I remember my brother rushing out to paint the letters white on his tyres of his Cavalier after seeing Bond’s miraculous under water escape in A View to a Kill. A subtle bit of product placement my Michelin.

Sticking with the James Bond theme. On my old BMW 5 shark nose the tyres really distinguished it from its counterparts. Of course my dream upgrade would be to have the self-inflating tyres that Bond has on BMW from Tomorrow Never Dies.

Scuderia inflating tyres upgrade

An upgrade for 4×4’s

Ideally I’d love to see self-inflating tyres on the 4×4’s I experienced whilst out in Oman. The guides would regularly whilst they came equipped with pressure monitoring systems, having a CTIS (central tyre inflation system) would be ideal for the ease of the travel guides.

Each time we came and went from trips to the Empty Quarter, (second biggest desert in the world) the guide would need to lower the air pressure in the tyres.

Desert Scuderia car parts

Consequently ..

Thus making driving over the dunes that much easier as the larger area of contact between the tyre and the ground and makes driving on softer ground much easier.

Not that driving a Lamborghini over the desert dunes of Oman would be possible, even with self-inflated tyres.

Jaguar C-X75 Supercar Scuderia Upgrades

Finally my dream James Bond car and upgrades

Ever since I had the pleasure of sitting in the Jaguar C-X75, Mr Hinx car from Spectre I’ve quietly fetishised about owing a supercar.

Sadly and criminally, the C-X75 never made it to production although the company claims it was a fantastic testbed for research into high-performance and low emission powertrains.

I love the burnt orange colour of the C-X75 featured in the movie, but prefer the aesthetic of a pronounced spoiler featured in the prototype gallery.

I’d love to see a subjugation of the two, have the self-inflating tyres, revolving plates and a centre console/fridge designed ergonomically to house a bottle of Bollinger 55 and two champagne flutes.

Jaguar have no plans to revise their decision to pull this concept car from production.

However, the interiors are not too dissimilar to an F-Type sports car that you can buy from £50k, tweak and tune through Scuderia.

Jaguar Spoiler Upgrades

The piece is a ‘paid partnership’ with Scuderia Car Parts.


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