This week on the Menswear Style podcast I’m talking to CEO and Founder of Clothes Doctor, Lulu O’Connor.

What is clothes doctor? Well guys we’ve all been there right where you try and undo the ladies dress like Roger Moore in Live and Let Die, but instead of having a touch that’s pure magnetism, you magnanimously screw it up, fiddle with it for five minutes before breaking the damn thing.

Well Clothes Doctor is a place where you can send all of those garments that would otherwise end up in landfill, and god knows landfill is already running at max capacity.

Did you know 300,000 thousand tonnes of textiles get taken to landfill every year. Did you know That fashion is second only to oil as one of the worlds biggest polluters. I say we need to get to number one! Come on people, keep buying those 30 pound polyester blazers.

it needs a radical rethink, The Clothes Doctor is an awesome company that sustains the life of those products that would normally get disseminated and make its way into our oceans where David Attenborough will be documenting how much of scourge humans are on our planet.

As Bill Hicks would say, we are a virus with shoes.

You can find that chat interview with the founder of Clothes Doctor, Lulu O’Connor over on iTunes now.

You can catch a brief glimpse of the interview on YouTube.


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