Some memory lane pics for you all.

Me with hair, I had some hair but never enough to fashion a hair style. Towards the end my hair was always just a fine balancing act. I was like Trump, l had to look at which way the wind was blowing before leaving the house.



The band was a lot of fun, I made some friends for life in this band. It had this strange infectious energy and people gravitated towards us in a lot of ways.

We played the KOKO once, that was probably the high water mark for us. These were in the days of MySpace. The KOKO has a capacity of 1,410, you can’t just ask someone nicely if you can play on the undercard on a Saturday night. You had to have a following. You had to have a high hit count on your MySpace.


The more you clicked on a bands page, the more plays they’d have on there songs, and the counter would reset everyday. So how would you achieve a high hit count?

I remember we would set our profile picture to something very suggestive that would encourage horny dudes to click through. We would hammer guys on the message rooms and they would see the profile picture of a girl in a skimpy bra, naturally click through.


Me at the KOKO

Of course every click through registered as a play and once we achieved circa 1000 plays we’d switch the profile picture back to one of the band and start approaching venues.


The venues wouldn’t talk to bands direct, not the big ones like KOKO. They’d only go through management or booking agents. So we invented one. We were called Original Cast and our invisible booking agent was called Grant Silacio (an anagram for Original Cast).


We set up a fake email account and started hammering venues. When they booked us the venues would ask to speak to this elusive Grant, but of course, Grant couldn’t make it. He was constantly on his death bed was poor Grant.


It’s probably a lot different today. I can’t imagine booking agents look at MySpace as a barometer for a bands success. But there’s always a way in. Just take a little creative imagination. Or talent. Check out more nostalgic wayward articles at theĀ  My Thoughts section on my site. Click on any picture to listen to me talk more about this on the Human Research podcast.


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