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Idris and I are good friends now. I can honestly say that because we’ve met once and spoken on the phone for ten minutes. A few weeks back he called me whilst I was in the car, so I said ‘Hang fire Idris.’ I pulled the car over into a bus stop on the back roads to Peterborough and had my tea boy Michael record the conversation.  We spoke for about ten minutes about his latest campaign #ThriveOn for Purdey’s, (a multi-vitamin fruit drink) his collaboration with Superdry and the infamous handshake we shared down Soho House a couple of years ago. Still the best handshake I’ve ever had, narrowly topping Boris Becker’s firm one outside hotel Sofitel in Munich last week. Below is my favourite Idris scene from Luther. This is how every relationship should end in my book.

How hands on are you with your Superdry collection? 

I wear a lot a of different clothes of a lot of different scenarios. I didn’t want a small signature set but more of an everyday type range. I thought for a working gentleman I wanted to do something a little different from the heavy branding give them something quality that is affordable a little bit of style. Fashion forward. I’ve just approved the AW16 designs and the process is 4-5 months. I typically tweak things in the design room. I am very hands on but it doesn’t completely monopolise my time.

I’ve met you before in Soho when you were promoting Remy Martin, I clambered towards you through a crowd of people on the stairs and you were kind enough to shake my hand, it was the best handshake.

What a great compliment thank you. To be clear though I wasn’t promoting anything, I was invited to the event. I just swung by to warm my cockles.

I notice you’re DJ’ing down the Egg on thursday, if I drop by can I get another handshake? 

If you wear an IE t shirt (Idris’s collection) and don’t knock too many people over.

I’ll wear an IE tshirt and an eye patch.



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