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Roxy Horner is a famous British model from my old neck of the woods, Essex. I sent her some questions and miraculously she replied.

Had I known she was going to do that I might have sent her better questions. Click on her images to follow her on Instagram.

Favourite part of London?

I’ve always been an East London girl but just recently I’ve found a love for the portobello road so I guess the west is growing on me.


Roxy Horner on a beach in white bikini

Photo from Malen Dyer

Your favourite fashion designer? 

I honestly don’t have one at the moment, I tend to shop in vintage and boutique shops if anything.

Your work out routine and motivation? 

Training with someone always helps me get motivated, I like finding a good personal trainer so that they push me to my limits and I will try to train 2-3 times a week.

Favourite Cocktail? 

My go to drink is definitely a mojito but I’m always down to try something new and fruity!


Roxy Horner black and white portrait photo

Photo from Premier Model Management

Your favourite language or accent? 

I love Spanish both the language and accent.

Your party trick?

I can roll my tongue both ways? That doesn’t seem so interesting though…

Roxy Horner in bed in white body suit

A certain type of clothing or style that you hate seeing on men? 

Do beards count? I really don’t like them. Also odd socks or socks that are too visible, those guys who wear sandals and socks, what goes through their mind? Other wise mostly anything goes.

Your advice to aspiring models? 

Be 100% yourself always and don’t be put off by rejection because something better will come about that’s better suited for you.

Ever been in a fight?

I’ll always stand up to a bully, especially if they’re picking on someone I care about but I’m not a fighter that’s for sure.


Roxy horner black and white in a cafe

Photo from Malen Dyer

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