Aesop are coming up to a 30 year anniversary, so come April your column inches will be besieged with all things Aesop. How they build their shops taking the natural environment into consideration. I had something of a guided tour in their store on Marlyebone. The walls unadorned, the shelfs meticulously stacked with products such as Mouthwash (£15 a bottle) and some ointment or other that you put in the toilet to knock out poo vapours.


I had my hands massaged with mint moisturiser and coconut balm. If only the guys on the building site could see me now, I thought. They’d mock the scent of citrus and cloves that have overpowered the smell of shit emanating from the cubicles. I would be ex-comminicated, forced to eat lunch in the car, my now lavishly smooth and odoriferous hands, quarantined.


I’ll be talking more about Aesop in some upcoming features, but for now. Here are some pictures. Yes you heard right, £15 for mouthwash.






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