man wearing black suit in garden

I’d like to walk you through my first suit that I got from Oscar Milo in Spitalfields Market about 4-5 years ago. This suit is for sale in our eBay shop. As you can tell I’ve not had the jacket altered and the arms sit awkwardly from should er to elbow. It’s a lightweight wool, with a blend of silk that gives it that sheen. Almost turning it from a Black to a Dark Navy, but I can assure you it’s Black.

man wearing creased suit from behind

man wearing suit in garden

man wearing suit in garden

me wearing suit and blue shirt

3 piece suit and shirt

bald man in a suit

You’ll notice how short the sleeves come up, which is a preference of mine, but the upper arms get scrunched in the process, which is a shame. What drew me to the jacket was the contrast lining which is a blend of viscose and acetate.

bald man in 3 piece suit

What I should have considered about this suit is the amount of pockets on the front. One flapped and one jetted either side breaks the lines and accentuates my shortness. Whereas a singular breasted pocket would have suited my frame more. The same can be said with the waistcoat.

black ready to wear suit

creased ready to wear suit

man wearing black suit and blue shirt

Man in blue shirt and waistcoat

The shirt is Italian made, 100% fine cotton, highly breathable and perfect for summer casual dinners. It has lasted well and I have worn it on occasions without the suit. My only criticism is that it creases far too readily for my liking.

wearing a suit indoors

inside a suit jacket contrast stitching

I’m unsure what your feelings might be towards the contrast stitching on the inside blazer but personally I’m all for it. It gives its an artisan feel and I can feel the human element, although they’re clearly not hand-stitched.

Oscar Milo label contrast stitching

Suit jacket lining red white and blue

Below you’ll see the fasten on the trousers between the belt loom. Very handy for going through security at airports. Saves having to take belts on and off which you should never wear anyway with a tailored suit.

trouser side adjuster

You’ll see below the fabric is quite prone to nips and scores. Being lightweight and of  dark colour this will be more visible than a thicker suit or something composed from a fleck yarn.

tiny tear on the suit

Over time I lost a waistcoat button. Which is a shame because this suit and the waistcoat in particular rarely saw the light of day.

covered buttons on a suit

Final Verdict: I think the biggest failure of this suit is that it never felt good enough for occasion wear and a little too formal for casual or everyday wear. I guess like any thing you try for the first time, whether it’s losing your cherry or getting drunk on cheap cider, you’ll never forget the experience, but will rarely deliver on the emancipation.

label inside an oscar milo suit

For an inside look into the suit itself please check out the video below and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like what you see. Will be interested to hear your thoughts.



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