“I made an alliance to put the power where it should be.” CSpectre

Ascential Events – the organisers of retail trade shows Pure London, Spring Fair, Autumn Fair, Jewellery and Watch, and Glee – today launches Inside Retail, an online hub designed to deliver insight and inspiration to the UK’s brilliant retail sector and its thousands of independent businesses.

The site is designed to help retailers at any stage of development, from getting started, up and running, branching out and fine tuning. Unfortunately if you’ve already settled on some horrible name for your store like, Stories from the Studfarm, or The Venomous Violin then Inside Retail might not be able to come round like the French Polishers in that Yellow Pages advert and save the day. (Timely reference Pedro). However Inside Retail is dedicated to helping retailers survive and thrive in both physical and digital forms, whether they are rookies or experienced retail pros.


At a time when independents are feeling the squeeze, at the mercy of the incongruous British weather and economical climate, this could be the lifeline that the high street has been badly seeking. Menswear brands that have featured in Pure London this week such as Bench, Ben Sherman, Original Penguin Tailored and Blame Label, will certainly be welcoming this creative enterprise.


The launch follows 12 months of research among hundreds of independent retailers. (A bit like Family Fortunes, but with practical questions). Set against a backdrop of profound disruption in the retail sector, these conversations revealed an appetite for a platform focused on helping independents to leverage new technologies and trends and level the playing field between them and their larger scale competitors.


Information will be delivered across a mixture of articles, webinars, videos, whitepapers, seminar sessions, masterclasses and reports with tips and advice coming from industry experts, leaders and pioneers – all of it focused on helping indie retailers to thrive in today’s retailing environment. Just like C’s plan in Spectre, the more information collated, the better the world will be. Ultimately it didn’t end too well for C, but I can imagine if you’re an independent, it couldn’t hurt finding out what Inside Retail could do for you.


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