A very vibrant batch of tee shirts were forwarded on from Boiga London earlier this week. Initially I was concerned that the brand would be a little young for me. I’m a 37 year old dude who doesn’t understand snapchat, shaves his earlobes and likes to be in bed by 11pm on a Friday night. However, they proved to be the spearhead of my wardrobe on a recent trip through the South of France. That and the regal jacket which proved to be the centre-piece for a night in Monaco.



BOIGA is a dedicated Menswear label that is committed to flamboyance, with a range of fanciful colour tee’s dandified shirts and resplendent blazers in a multitude of shades. Their prints are lovingly hand-drawn, making them absolutely unique, while their fine woven Italian silks are personally selected. Most importantly, everything is designed with a sense of fun and adventure.

I love menswear and I’ve always found it challenging to dress a man! So my interest in menswear stems from this personal experience. However counter-cultural it may be, as a young businesswoman, I think it’s great to be able to stand up for our men and champion them.” Juliana French, founder.



The name is unusual, sounds like something John Fashanu would shout at the end of Gladiators. But after a week the name grew on me and I was even singing made up Boiga theme tunes much to the annoyance of my other half. The tee’s were actually a joy to wear. I especially enjoyed casualising my jackets and blazers with these refulgent numbers. Undeniably playful, jovial, a reminder each time I caught my reflection to pull a funny face. I have a body shape that slides between the conformity of small/medium. The tee’s I’m pictured in here are all small and were a decent enough fit. The crew neck collars were perhaps a little tight for me in a small, so if you prefer to wear your tee’s on the baggy side I might recommend going a size up.



The Tanta jacket was really the pièce de résistance, composed from 75% silk, a great uncompromising fit and this time I felt a crisp white cotton shirt would compliment the look. I trimmed down on wrist accessories (even went without a watch!) as there was plenty going on with the jacket itself. The bow tie and antler lapel punctuated my attempt to look wantingly monarchic. The Tanta jacket is coming soon to pre-order and will retail at £750.




All their products are Fair Trade, sustainably made and 100% ethically sourced. They also recycle wherever possible. They donate a portion of their profit to a different charity every six months, so it’s clearly a brand that is sentimental about the earth and are conscious of making a positive impact.



My introduction to Boiga was (as many things these days) through the Whatsapp selfie of my smiling boyfriend dressed in something utterly sparkly and flamboyant. Even though I have been sceptical at first, the gold and navy jacket has been a clear highlight of the subsequent outings and frankly – I would have been delighted to wear it myself had it been in a lightly smaller size. Sadly for the jacket, its popularity somewhat faded once the Boiga bow tie has been introduced to the scene. Paired up with the Hugo Boss suit it was a clear stand out at the well heeled wedding party we attended the day after jacket was taken out on the tour of Monaco. As to T shirts – you will certainly be spoiled for choice and if you like to be wearing colour you will have a lot to choose from. Bananas on green were my personal favourites! Happy choosing your Boiga!




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