OK so the name is terrible, but then as far as names go, so is Radiohead. Didn’t stop them being one of the best bands in the world. This weekend we got to sample some of the fabric of an American independent, Gentlmvn.



Founded in 2014 by Isaiah Sanchez, Gentlmvn is a refined lifestyle brand that represents the culture and anatomy of an absolute gentleman, ultimately exhibiting proper style, tongue and grooming. Gentlmvn is the inception to a movement that embraces and advocates from the earliest to the modern gentleman’s outlook. Strong morality, quality, and high regard toward our valued customers and society are Gentlmvn’s key values. By promoting respect, honour, humility, and altruism, Gentlmvn is here to prevent the image of an authentic, well-mannered and honorable man from evanesce.


First thoughts

We were handed a bow tie a black tee with the Gentlmvn Logo T motif embroidered on the breast. It felt soft to the touch made from 100% cotton and actually, thankfully, rather slimming.


The Shoot

The Gentlmvn brand certainly has some good old fashioned chutzpah. Isaiah has constructed a functional easy to use website and is offering a diverse portfolio that caters for the smart and the casual. Not only tees and bow ties, but beanies and bracelets are on the site too. However I plumped for doing a shoot with the Logo T, made life easier all round.


Final Thoughts

A brand that is noticeably in its embryonic stages. It could certainly do with expanding its range but all start-ups need time to make their mark. The main thing is the quality is good, not over elaborate and well priced. Best of luck to you Isaiah. Check out the promo film below shot on location in Brick Lane.



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