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I first spotted Satanic Mill at the Pure London show in Olympia. Their¬†unapologetic flamboyant designs certainly stood out and I was drawn in like a virgin to an Amsterdam back alley. Plus I’m a sucker for a good story, and love a show piece that can be a conversation stimulator at the bar. Not in the communal carsey I should stress. I am not interested in giving fashion advice to the guy using using the velocity of his own urine to chase a fag butt down the piss-trough.

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So Satanic Mill, what’s it all about? First off, Satanic Mill sounds like a band your goth girlfriend has put you on to and you pretend to like to appease her in order to get more goth sex. Sooner or later she’ll realise you’re not a goth. That you only wear the matrix jacket and paint your nails on the days you see her to keep up the rouse. Later you’ll hear stories of her sucking off one of the band members of Satanic Mill backstage. Then someone else will tell you that it wasn’t just one band member, but the entire band, even the lighting crew and sound engineers. It’ll be horrific. I’m sorry, where was I?

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Ah Satanic Mill. I manage to hustle a shirt from the CEO Steve French after I fawned over it long enough at the exhibition. It’s so cool man. Like I say the shirt has a story. The Lecturer shirt I received has the algebra encryptions Galileo used when he figured the world was round. It comes presented in this deluxe cardboard box and brands name subtly en-scrolled on the front. Check out the vid below for more details.

The world says “play it safe with your design, go with stripes.” But our designers were fixated with being completely original, with pushing boundaries, and we didn’t have the heart to tell them ‘no’. CEO – Steve French.




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