Quick update from the Zoo.

Roger can now jump on the bed. This completes a conquest of all surface areas. Nothing is now off limits to the devastator.

This has been the wettest most miserable two weeks I can remember. It means Roger has been limited to walks around the block. A very rare break in play meant we could get him down to the park to play with Penny. His one true love. Well, if you’re not including my girlfriends leg, which gets an equal amount of humping.

I’ve actually become a dog walker now in my spare time for others. If you’re in Chiswick and need a walker then you can book me here.

I’ve since bought a new lens for the old Nikon D300. It’s a 18-135mm and guess what, I still don’t know how to take a decent photo indoors. Some would argue outdoors also.

Penny will soon be ready to accept offers from willing gentleman dogs. I know Roger is keen to cement their relationship. He is becoming increasingly amorous around Penny who seems to be equally infatuated. It’s promising signs.

So stay tuned for more exciting updates from the Zoo. You can follow them on my girlfriends Instagram.