Be honest, how  much do you know about Jägermeister?

Could you tell me where it’s from? 

Could you list me a decent Jägermeister cocktail that doesn’t include Redbull? 

Wouldn’t it be great if Southgate became player/manager at England and came on to score the winning penalty and avenge that miss of Euro 96? 

Apologies, I digress.

I was kindly sent a bottle of Jägermeister which for the uninitiated is a a digestif made with 56 herbs and spices at a strength of 35% alcohol by volume.

I had the girlfriend give me a considered and comprehensive verdict. Here for you are some original Jägermeister cocktails you might like to try at home.

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Cocktail in a blue goldfish glass next to a cut lemon


  • 50ml Jagermeister
  • Short pour Elderflower Liqueur
  • Dash of Indian Tonic water
  • Lemon Squeeze

Each cocktail has been coined by the first words uttered upon sampling by the missus. The design was to enhance the sweetness of the Jagermeister with the Elderflower.

Jagermeister is a herbal liqueur although traditionally sweeter than most of its European contemporaries such as Unicum from Hungary or Becherovka from the Czech Republic.

The serve is generous with the lemon to give it a ‘punch-like’ aesthetic, in keeping with the tall fish bowl receptacle.

Rating from the Missus: Holy Moly! (Strong). The effect is immediate, potent. The finish is sweet and citrusy. The two liqueurs compliment each other well, would make a good party drink, albeit a touch unusual.

Jagermeister cocktail in a sherry glass



  • 50ml Jagermeister 
  • Crushed cooked pear 
  • Shot of natural orange blossom water
  • Cloudy lemonade


Jägermeister’s ingredients include 56 herbs, fruits, roots, and spices, including citrus peel, licorice, anise, poppy seeds, saffron, ginger, juniper berries, and ginseng.

Rating from the Missus: Cough Splutter! A surprising mix, although went down the wrong hole initially. Once she caught her breath this was cited as ‘pleasantly tangy’ and the cooked pear gave it a caramelised, soothing finish. (Although it’s recommended all Jagermeister cocktails are best served over ice. Sadly we had none to hand, apologies). 




Christ on a Bike!

  • 50ml Jagermeister in a smoothie of ..
  • Beetroot
  • Cucumber
  • Celery
  • Apple
  • Lime 

Look they can’t all be winners. This was very much an experiment some say was born to fail. I’ll be honest I had some left over smoothie from lunch and wondered if this would work. I know you’re dying to hear the verdict:

Rating from the Missus: Christ on a Bike! This looks like something from a Roald Dahl book. I will give you 10/10 for presentation but sadly if this was on Dragon’s Den, I wouldn’t be investing. It probably doesn’t help that the smoothie on its own doesn’t taste great, and mixed with Jagermeister doesn’t sit well. Although we will freeze this, maybe it will work better as ice lollies if we get an Indian summer. 

“I won’t be investing. I’m out.” – The Missus

jagermeister cocktails with lots of fruit


Is that Chilli in there?

  • 50ml Jagermeister
  • Short pour of Chambord
  • Chopped chilli (rubbed on glass rim) 
  • Squeezed lemon
  • Ginger beer 

This was designed to be a bit more potent. I wanted some spicy notes to come through, without treading over the sweetness. A dash of the Chambord (black raspberry liqueur) would hopefully find friends with the other berries and sit well on the palette. What did the task master have to say about this one?

Rating from the Missus:

Is that Chilli in there? Okay then. (Sips) this is good. I like this one but I’d even out the measures. Bring the Jaeger down to 40mil as this could be quite moorish if it had a little less intensity. I can’t believe you forgot the ice. By the way this is my 4th cocktail and it’s not even lunch. Are they paying you for this? I should be getting paid. (For the record it’s not sponsored and I’d like to re-emphasize that these would go down better with ice).

girl drinking cocktail on balcony We Have a Winner jagermeister-drinks

  • 50ml Jagermeister
  • Topped up with Tonic
  • Squeezed/chopped apples
  • Blueberries
  • Orange cuts
  • Thick Lemon Peel

Stripped everything back for this one barring the fruit. I think cocktails I think huge exaggerated lemons and umbrellas. I wanted to go all-out-Elton on this one and saved it till last. What did the missus think?

Rating from the Missus: We have a winner at last. This one is less ambitious but you’re not apologising for the Jager (meister) by polluting it with crazy sh*t.

Okay, some shots (pictures) over the balcony and then we’re done right? This one we can serve at the WW party. (Annual house party for Winter Wonderland).

Okay now I want to hear from you in the comment box below. What’s your favourite Jagermeister cocktail? What do you think of Jagermeister on its own? What England penalty miss has hurt you the most? Click on any image to follow Human Research on Pinterest for further cocktail inspirations.

Jagermeister bottle next to cocktails





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