Jane Kapriss talks Cannes profile shot in a leopard dress

Cannes Film Festival was a little crazy this year.

Kristen Stewart shelled her high heels, people seen taking pictures on the red carpet were expelled to a radiation-disfigured land and John Travolta wore a slightly grey-ier wig than years previous.

Lars Von Trier also caused something of a furore with people reportedly walking out of his new film ‘The House That Jack Built’.

A bad week all round for Lars. He’s currently fending off allegations from Bjork that whilst filming Dancer in the Dark in Sweden he tried to leap from his balcony to hers to engage in post coital shenanigans.

We also had one of our own Jane Kapriss, an LA based model, producer and actress in attendance.

We first shone a light on Jane Kapriss when we tipped her to become the next James Bond girl.

Although reportedly, even that’s a sexist term nowadays.

Here to give us her take on events at Cannes and news on what’s going on with her, Jane Kapriss.

Jane Kapriss, we first featured you in the blog Potential James Bond girls. Did you get any interest from the people over at James Bond? 

I didn’t, but a lot of people did start asking me if I was being considered for the next Bond girl.

Jane Kapriss in a white dress and silk leggings sitting on a chair

Out of interest who is your favourite Bond girl? 

Monica Bellucci, definitely. She brought an entire new vision to the Bond girl stereotype.

I really hope we’ll see a comeback in the future.

And your favourite James Bond (last mention of Bond I promise) 

I’d say Pierce Brosnan. I grew up watching him in this role and he was the first James Bond I knew.

What were your highlights from Cannes? 

Meeting Pierce Brosnan (last mention of Bond I promise:) )

The distributor of the film I produced also represents a documentary directed by Keely Brosnan, and they had a screening during the market.

The biggest highlight i think was the overwhelming experience overall. It was my first time on such a big film market in the role of a Producer.

How does one get invited to such an event and is it still the biggest film festival in the world?

I believe it definitely is the biggest festival and film market. I’ve also attended Berlinale this year which is a pretty big market as well, but just to compare – Cannes is at least three times bigger.

Jane Kapriss in bed with a white dress drinking wine

I don’t think one should wait for an invitation though. I think it should be taken by storm. In my case, we produced a beautiful 3D family animation film ‘The Last Prince of Atlantis‘ and Cannes was the place to launch our promo campaign and start closing the deals.

And I’m really proud and happy to say that as of now we have 9 countries confirmed where the film will have a theatrical release and a lot more countries are under negotiation at the moment.

We’re expecting a pretty large theatrical release in the end of summer/early autumn.

Jane Kapriss in Cannes by the sea

What do you think of Kristen taking off her high heels? 

Good! I think there’re a lot of beautiful and elegant options of flat shoes that should be allowed on the red carpet.

Many women suffer wearing high heels, my mom included.

So I can’t say I was happy to find out that flats are banned on the red carpet in Cannes.

Did you think about doing the same? 

I didn’t, but my mom did 🙂

What are your ambitions now? Producing? Film Making? Modelling? 

At the moment I`m focusing on producing and acting.

What projects do you have on the go currently? 

As a producer, I currently have a feature in post production – a romantic comedy which is a remake of a famous classic.

The film should be fully done by the end of the summer. And as an actress, I’ve been cast in a sitcom titled Colorblind directed by Lana Lekarinou and produced by Antonia Roman.

This series is a show about an estranged family coming to live together under one roof per the last will testament of a deceased parent.

It’s funny and well-written. The pilot has been shot and I’m looking forward to working on the first season.

Jane Kapriss on the red carpet at Cannes

How much time do you spend on social media and is it a useful tool for networking/ getting jobs? 

I probably spend more time than I should, but social media is a huge part of our nowadays life, especially if you’re in the entertainment industry.

Networking is a big part of it. It is also a powerful tool if you need to spread the word about your project, get support or advertise something.

My experience is based on my following base and they’re very involved, so I try to not disappoint anyone 🙂

Jane Kapriss Models in a fur scarf and metallic belt

How much do you get asked out on social media versus real life? 

Oh wow, good question. Probably much more on social media.

I think in our modern life it’s become much easier to ask people out on social media cause you don’t really have to face the person in case they reject you.

But I personally prefer real life.

Any plans on coming to the UK? 

You never know. Something might come up.

I haven’t been to UK for 10 years, so might be about time.

Lastly, do you do all your own stunts? 

Yes. I try to. Nothing crazy has been needed so far though, but I’m always up for a challenge.

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