Jasmine Mammen Indian model and influencer in white dress

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It’s the question people have been asking me every day!

When are you going to interview Jasmine Mammen?

I like to think that this blog has a lot of range.

I talk about menswear, I talk about travel, I bore people with my stories of giving up alcohol and from time to time I like to interview my virtual friends.

Jasmine cropped up on my Instagram feed and I thought she had a great look.

She’s Indian, up and coming and likes to talk fashion so here is her interview.

What do people not know about Indian women?

Indian women can be strong, Independent and yet empathetic and vulnerable.

What’s the best thing to do in New York that the tourists don’t know about?

My favourite place to go is Brooklyn Bridge Park with 85 acres of waterfront in New York that most tourists don’t know about. You can see the views of Manhattan and it’s never as crowded as the bridge itself. It’s so relaxing to be there and you can also take a spin on Jane’s Carousel or go for ice cream at Ample Hills creamery.

Your favorite fashion designer? Which designer or brand would you like to work with?

I can never pick any special fashion designer, each season is always so different from another.  Although, I would like to work with Versace and/or Givenchy.

Your workout routine and motivation?

My work out routine does not consist of going to the gym. I just go for a run or do few simple workouts.

Your favourite language or accent?

My favourite accent is the British accent. I could listen to anyone with a British accent anytime and it makes them 10 times hotter to me.

How does a professional photographer get the best out of you?

I think it’s important to have a good relationship with a photographer, and someone who is easy to work with.

I love when the photographer knows what poses will look good in terms of pictures.

Your advice to aspiring models and bloggers?

Be yourself and never let anyone bring you down.  Keep going until you reach the top.

Lastly Jasmine Mammen, ever been in a fight?


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