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On a recent to L.A I was kindly gifted a JBL Charge 3 Bluetooth Speaker, and told quite simply to ‘go play’. It’s hard work this blogging lark right? When bloggers tell you they have so much on, they need a break to recharge, they’re overloaded, blah-blah, tell them to reel their necks in and quit their noise. As they mention in the movie Contagion, “Blogging is not writing.  It’s graffiti with punctuation.” The only art involved in blogging is knowing how to email from a hot tub.

I digress.

People that follow my INSTA stories will know I have a penchant for Vinyl, I have a portable Vinyl player, so why would I need a portable bluetooth speaker? Well for a start, having some latest technology on your person shaves at least five years off. Honestly, don’t bother looking it up, it’s just science.


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The ultimate companion

I’ve become quite attached to this JBL Speaker. One could say emotionally involved. If I’m editing photos, if I’m answering emails in the hot tub, this speaker has been by my side every step of the way. It’s main USP is that it’s IPX7 rated, an upgrade from the Charge 2 and means you can submerge the speaker in up to a metre of water for 30 minutes. Although I’ll be honest, I can’t imagine a scenario where I’ll be needing to test that. But knowing that it’s waterproof meant I could relax by the pool without the worry of it coming into harms way. But what can it do?

For a start it can charge your phone (hence the name) which for me is brilliant because due to my old phones heliotropic nature, it withers like E.T’s flowers when not plugged in. The speaker itself boasts 20 hours of power.

Become the DJ

I’ve also used it to DJ a recent house party. The sound filled a high ceiling 30 Square Metre room quite comfortably and being DJ meant that I wasn’t subjected to any tosh. One thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that you might want a back up phone, as guests were phoning and needing directions etc meaning I had to dislocate the music every now and again. I know, as a society, we’re all out of problems.

Fancy some decent Wireless Headphones? Check out my review on the JBL Limited Edition 700 Everest Elite


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Some people have been a little sniffy about the size of the speaker and the dual external passive radiators, but personally I think it gives the speaker some machismo and I enjoy watching the radiators vibrate. Like firing up a Dodge Charger that has an engine through the hood. (Or bonnet if you’re a UK reader). The bass is positive and performed impressively, though I found better in a horizontal position as opposed to vertical.


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Well you know what they say, if you love something you have to set it free. I’m giving it to my niece as an Xmas gift to make up for buying her a rubber snake last year. (I’m notoriously bad at buying gifts, ask the missus). She’s into her music more than I am and I know we’ll get some good mileage out of it. So the downside is I have to go out and buy one for myself, although I might opt for the Harman Kardon Onyx Mini seen below, which impressed me equally.


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