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Currently rated #218 out of #1794 hotels according to Trip Advisor. For €288 Euros, for two nights, the missus and I checked in and here’s the match report.


Housed in a historical Hausmannian building, located in the heart of Paris’ cultural centre of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and in close proximity to the Latin Quarter.

K+K Hôtel Cayré is situated just a short distance from Paris’ most iconic sights, such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral or the world-famous Louvre Museum.

Breakfast: 6/10

An additional €16 euros and they had no brown sauce or soya milk. That said the eggs were good and creamy.

Sausages were small but plentiful. Juice freshly squeezed, Grapefruit, Orange and Multi Vitamin. Cereal was served from a vendor; muesli, cocoa crunch, cornflakes. Service was amiable.

Lights in a paris hotel

Shower: 6/10

Tricky one this. The heat was good, no denying that. The pressure lacked vitality, although I wasn’t jumping up to meet it. Simple tap mechanism, I have to say I enjoyed this shower and the gel provided smelt reassuringly expensive.

Toilet Paper: 10/10

They really turned up with the toilet paper. Quilted and pointed and with an abundant supply.

Bed: 8/10

The missus loved it. Said she couldn’t get out of it! Mind you she is fundamentally lazy. (messing).

Pillows: 7/10

I said to the missus that I felt the fabric to be a bit course. She then reminded me that I hadn’t shaved in a fortnight so will give it the benefit of the doubt. Came without chocolates.

interiors in a paris hotel

Kettle: 2/10

I’m giving this kettle 2 points. One because it is present, the second because it works. Although I couldn’t work it.

The missus apparently knew some trick and because I never went to kettle school, this was chalked up as another initiation failure test for the Brooker.

Safe: 2/10

Again they had one and nothing we owned got nicked. However, the missus punched in the code and the safe told her the battery needed charging. Fuck me.

Bar: N/A

Sorry guys, on a detox. Even left the two beers in the fridge in the room. Although always unmanned. I like to think that if I wanted a couple of nightcaps someone would have come through the floor like an organ player on Brighton Pier.

paris travel places to stay

Gym: N/A

They have one, but we didn’t go. We walked 30k in two days before you start judging.


Service was good, staff was nice and this gaff is pretty central to everything. Central, and the room was quiet which was fantastic.

The nearest tube Rue De Bac is literally on the door and they have a decent wine shop round the corner if you fancy something upmarket to get your buzz on.

This might sound harsh but I’d avoid the local Lao Tseu Thai place just up the street. We went there because it was close, and let’s just say they could try a little harder in all areas. Lastly, as much as we enjoyed our stay, it’s not a romantic hotel.

woman sitting inside hotel in Paris

I think the most important thing to see in Paris is the barrier from A View to a Kill.

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