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Where are the best Least Touristy Places to travel to in Italy?

The missus and I are always on the look out for awesome travel locations. The Least Touristy Places are becoming harder and harder to find now thanks to the social media movement and the advent of package holidays.

I chanced across Alessandra Masala on instagram who makes Sardinia look like a lost oasis for the Roman Gods. Having travelled Italy extensively last year, I wanted to get the inside track from a local on the best places to visit in Italy that hasn’t been overrun by tourists.

What are your favourite least touristy places? Please drop me a line in the comment box below.

Please tell us a little about you, who you are and what you do 

‘A fissazióne è pèggio d’a malatìa Italian Boats on a river

Lungomare Caracciolo

Hi, I’m Alex, I’m 43 years old, I’m Italian, and I’m a lawyer. I am a curious person, I live in Sardinia, the Italy’s island that has the most beautiful sea in Europe and perhaps one of the most beautiful seas in the world. I love traveling and when my job allows it, I like to go far from Europe. I love the sea, fashion and animals, especially dogs.

What are the least touristy places to visit in Italy?


It depends on what the tourist is looking for. If you are interested in the sea, Sardinia is certainly the right place.
If, on the other hand, he is more interested in art cities, Venice, Florence and of course Rome are the places of greatest interest.
If, on the other hand, a tourist comes to us on business, or is interested in luxury shopping, Lombardy, in particular Milan, is the right place.

But Italy is full of beauty and places of interest, as everyone knows.

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Where is the best place you’ve travelled to this year and why? 

This year I went skiing in January to Madonna di Campiglio, Trentino Alto Adige, a place of great luxury for sport lovers. Then, at the beginning of May, I was in Africa, Cape Verde, on the island of Sal. The place has not completely satisfied me, there was always a lot of wind, but the beach of Santa Maria is rightly considered one of the 20 most beautiful beaches in the world, really amazing … it resembles the long and uncontaminated Brazilian beaches.

Anyway, last year I was in Mauritius, and this is the place I would recommend everyone to visit. wonderful beaches, stupendous shelters, complete a country rich in natural beauties, luxuriant vegetation, colorful villages and a nice and welcoming people.

Places to travel to in Italy a scenic rooftop view of Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

What makes a great travel photo?

A great travel photo is made up mostly of an element, the emotion: I photograph only with iPhone, for example, because I think it is important to be immediately, capture what is striking our attention, more than the perfection of the photo. I know people who photograph with the Reflex of the best brands, but their photos do not convey any emotion.
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What do you take your photos with and how do you edit them? 

I don’t like particularly elaborate edits, usually I just correct the lights and the contrast. To do this, I use Photoshop, Snapseed and Lightroom.

Travel blogger on the beach in a white lace dress

What makes a great holiday destination for you? 

This is an important question. I was lucky enough to visit many beautiful places: in addition to my beloved Italy, I saw almost all the regions of Europe, then I was in the United States, Thailand, Brazil, Japan, Russia, the Seychelles islands, South Africa and many other magnificent places. The places that I most loved are those which I could mix the beach holiday with the visit of historic and archaeological sites, such as Mexico or Thailand.

Have you thought about becoming a travel blogger full time?

Yes, I thought about it. But my lawyer’s job does not allow me.

Fontana Di Trevi-Roma

Fontana Di Trevi-Roma

What’s your best advice you’d give to someone looking to grow their instagram account?


I did some studies on the subject, before I had another fairly popular account, but I closed it in 2015, when instagram changed the rules of the algorithm and became a commercial platform.
At present, I think that Instagram is an important way to promote business, but I have always advised against buying likes and followers through bots, in the long run it does not pay off. Rather, it must be part of telegram groups, I did it and it seemed to work.

For problems of little time caused by my work in real life, I abandoned these systems and now use my page only as a pastime, but being part of organized groups I think is the best advice for those who want to increase their account for commercial purposes.

Travel blogger photo Alessandra in floral dress smilingWhich city would you like to retire in?

Definitely Miami, the city that most resembles me 😃

Where would you like to go that you’ve never been before? 

I’m planning my next trip to California, I love the United States a lot and I want to take a trip on the road, by car. Yes, in September I would really like to go to California and Hawaii

Thank you Alessandra for a wonderful insightful interview. Will definitely try and get out to Sardinia at some point in the near future. I loved my trip to Ischia last year I recommend people check that out if they’re looking for a cheaper alternative to Capri. Again of you know any least touristy places in Italy please drop a comment below.

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