He who dares, Gins!” or “Get some Giiiiiiiin!!” Anyone who can name which episode of which programme that was taken from wins a curly wurly.

For anyone looking to learn more about whisky or distilled spirits, you should definitely check out GreatDrams Radio, available now on iTunes. Every week, Greg Dillon, (founder of GreatDrams) and I reel off the latest news and releases from within the spirit world. Which sounds like something you’d hear a voodoo priest sing about in Predator 2. Of course I’m talking about distilled spirits. This week we spoke to the head barman Nick Unsworth of the popular gin parlour, Graphic Bar, Soho.

graphic Bar

Belongs to Urban Leisure Group, what have they done to the graphic bar?

It’s the oldest in the group, early archetypes for the aesthetics that we have now, exposed brick work, there’s a bit of Coin Laundry in Graphic, Graphic really set the blueprint.

So much choice, over 300 gins, how do your customers know what to try? 

Customers ask ‘why don’t we do a big menu?’ But I don’t like to take the human element out. What’s fun is the interacting with the bartender, asking him what he recommends based on palette. We’re not afraid to getting a few tasting glasses out.

Ever get caught out by not stocking a particular gin? 

We’re fairly covered, we get the curve ball every now and again, look there’s so much gin on the market. Its usually the exception.

What are the top sellers? 

Martin Millers always a nice choice. Anyone that likes Hendricks, wants a gin with cucumber, want something a bit more refined. The ones that sell are the ones the staff champion, we just got in the Tarquins Seadog that’s going out nicely.

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