Fernanda Zorzal – ‘I used to fight a lot’



A Fashion Blogger of mixed background living in U.K.” You can check out her site here. Click on her images to go to her Instagram page. All imagery used taken by FernandoBA.

Favourite part of London?

Camden Town

The secret of your success?

Focus and never give up!


Favourite drink on a plane?

MIMOSA – Prosecco mixed with orange juice

Your favourite language or accent?

Canadian English

Favourite James Bond?

Don’t have a favourite, I like all.


Ever try and use long words to make you sound clever?

No, I just prefer speaking few different languages at the same time to make me sound clever.

Your party trick?

Use my Brazilian moves that is in my blood to dance around!


The best thing about being Brazilian?

Having a mixed background of Italian, Polish, Red Indian that makes me a full Brazilian!

Best chat up line you’ve heard?

I said: Would you like a brochure? And he replied: I would like YOU! Haha

Ever been in a fight?

Ohh yes! When younger I used to fight a lot and grab everyone’s hair but now I am more relaxed unless you make me angry




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