Lilly Kenline – ‘Modelling Doesn’t Come Cheap’


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Lilly Elizabeth Kenline, a Greek up and coming model, is an animal lover and animal rights activist.


Photo by Little Skull Photography

What do people not know about Greek women?

There isn’t many unknown facts about Greek women thanks to the movie, “My big fat Greek wedding”.

What’s the best thing to do in Florida/Miami that the tourists don’t know about?

My favorite thing to do that most tourists probably do not know about it is going to Shy Wolf Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is in Naples, Florida. They have Wolfs, Fox’s and other animals. I use to volunteer there myself and I absolutely loved it. They have guided tours that you may sign up for and it is a great learning experience.

Your favorite fashion designer? Which designer or brand would you like to work with?

My favorite fashion designer is Oliver Rousteing. The designer or brand that I would like to work with would either be Oliver Rousteing for Balmain and/or Victoria’s Secret.


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Your work out routine and motivation?

My work out routine does not consist of going to the gym. Instead I go for a run, paddle boarding, or just do a couple simple workouts with ankle weights at my home. My motivation would have to be Celsius. Celsius is a healthy energy drink that helps me to get the motivation to be active throughout the day.

Your favourite language or accent?

My favorite accent is the Australian accent. I could listen to someone with an Australian accent talk all day, I love the way it sounds.


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Your party trick?

I honestly do not have any party tricks.

A certain type of clothing or style that you hate seeing on men?

I personally do not find it attractive when guys dress down. For example, wearing basketball shorts or sweatpants on the daily is not my favorite look.


Photo by Little Skull Photography

Your advice to aspiring models?

My advice to aspiring models would be to when first starting out ask photographers a lot of questions to avoid being scammed. Also be prepared to work hard. Modeling is not cheap and the traveling can be a bit much at times but the outcome is worth it.

Ever been in a fight?

No, I have never have and never will be in a fight intentionally. I do not believe in violence.


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