Maia Knibb – ‘I am covered in glitter for 90% of my shoots’


Photo by Phoebe Hofsteede


Maia is a professional film and television actor who alternates living between Los Angeles and the Sunshine Coast, Australia. When she’s not working on film sets, she trades her human legs for a mermaid tail and shares her adventures with thousands of strangers. She is currently working in Australia on a range of film project, bringing to life quirky and offbeat characters. She’s the happiest person you’ll ever meet- unless you show her a sad article about a sick or injured animal.


Describe a day in the life of a professional mermaid?

I love this question! I’m actually a professional actress, so that has its own routine (auditioning, working on set, studying etc), but when I get to be a mermaid, that’s even more fun! I always start my day with a filling breakfast, because regardless of where my work takes me, it’s sure to be a long and intense day! Then comes travelling to some of the most beautiful locations in Australia, having glitter thrown at me (which I can never really shake, but that’s fine!), popping on my clams and trading my human legs for my tail!

Where in the world are you? 

I am currently living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia. It’s a lovely little beach town (perfect for mermaids).

How best would you describe your style? 

Glitter everything. Mostly because I am covered in glitter for 90% of my shoots.


Photo by Phoebe Hofsteede

Your work out routine and motivation? 

I think having your tummy exposed as a mermaid is pretty great motivation. I work out most days of the week, and love Jazzercise and pole dancing to keep me fit and strong.

How often do you get asked out on social media and in real life?

Social Media me is apparently super desirable- I’ve had a few proposals, still waiting on Prince Eric.

Real Life me receives a lot less attention- but I think that’s just because it’s illegal to show your privates in public (but sending nudes is apparently acceptable)

Your party trick?

I can do the splits. I guess that’s impressive for someone who has fins half the time.

Ever been in a fight?

No, but if I were in one I would either win indisputably, or bring dishonour on my whole family, myself and my cow. (Mulan)


Photo by Phoebe Hofsteede

Your favourite Bond film, Bond, Bond Song and Bond moment. 

My favourite Bond film has to be Goldfinger- I mean, he had female fighters, and I love the cheeky names involved. Song wise, I know there have been some incredible Bond songs, but I think Adele absolutely nailed it with ‘Skyfall’- plus, it’s fun to sing! And my favourite Bond has to be Sean Connery. Always.

You’re at your best when, and your worst when.. 

I’ve had 4 cups of coffee and 8 hours of sleep. I’m at my worst when I’ve had 8 cups of liquor and 16 hours of not sleeping.


Photo by Phoebe Hofsteede


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