Pop Brixton, a space created with the local community composed from shipping containers showcasing independent start ups and businesses from Brixton and Lambeth. Think Industrial Zone from The Crystal Maze but with less alpha males taking things to seriously. First stop on the tour the uni-sex toilets. The toilets are in good nick all though the toilet roll is not folded to a point and it could do with some more natural light. In my cubicle someone has gone to the trouble of writing ‘Poop here motherfucker’ above the flusher.


I quite like it. I think people would pay attention more to signs and announcements if this kind of rhetoric was to become the norm.

‘Mind your head motherfucker’. 

The 19.28 Northern train from Kings Cross will be arriving at platform 7 and calling at Stevenage, Welwyn Garden North, Sandy, St Neots, Huntingdon and Peterborough motherfuckers’.

Anastasia and I (date 4) grab some cocktails and 4 dishes off the Sunday Brunch menu at Kricket. The Goan Sausage Roll came out looking like it got a make over from Uncle Frank in Mrs Doubtfire.

‘Could you make me a woman?’ 

‘Oh honey I’m so happy’.

That said it was probably the best damn sausage roll I’ve ever had in my life.


Downstairs there is an art exhibition featuring the doodles of Laure Rees Smith. They are fantastic, but I’m not flush so just take a card and a couple of pictures. Outside is a doodle board, presumably for passing trade.


I approve of the YNWA doodle, but saddened to see that not one person has thought to draw a cock and balls. (As I write this I google ‘cock and balls graffiti’ to see if there is some community I can join. I’m delighted but by no means astonished to find a community page on Facebook.)


Pop Brixton a fantastic place to putz around on a Sunday afternoon in the sun. Five minute walk from the tube. Or 30 minutes if you’re me with zero sense of direction.

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