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“Well looky what we have here”. Biff Tannen – Back to the Future.

This summer La Maison Maille, the gourmet French mustard brand, is launching Fête de la Gastronomie. A two-week celebration of food, the festival will celebrate London’s finest flavour creators with a French twist, running from 18th – 31st July.

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The History…

Maille is a gourmet French mustard brand, most famous for creating the finest Dijon and wholegrain mustards. Founded in 1747 by Antoine Maille, who became the official Vinegar Maker and Distiller to the King of France, La Maison Maille has accumulated an extraordinary heritage of craftsmanship, creativity and innovation. Inspired by traditional artisan methods and more than 269 years of expertise, the creators at Maille use high quality ingredients to create complex flavours that make meals memorable. 

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After I explained to Annie how the term ‘mustard’ can also be used when referring to a level of excellence, (that game was mustard, that dude’s shirt is mustard) I then spent the next half hour cracking mustard puns until she told me to stop. By the way never type the word mustard into urban dictionary, you’ll open a whole can of mustard worms.

Maille has teamed up with eight unique tastemakers to create a bespoke collection of delectable dishes available during La Fête. Food lovers are invited to visit each of the specially chosen ‘Flavour Creators’ to discover each new delectable creation – bursting with the greatest flavours the capital has to offer.

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There are six La Maison Maille Boutiques worldwide, including London Piccadilly and you can take a virtual tour of the boutique here. The boutiques offer a wide variety of mustards, vinegars and gourmet ingredients, including traditional mustards on tap. Go to the website for more info on the La Fête, it will be a food tasting event filled with ambrosial delights.

A quick shout out to the guys that ensured I stay fully hydrated throughout the launch, Vranken Pommery. The family owned company is also the leading producer of rosé wines in France – with estates in both Provence and the Camargue.

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