The KT Bush Band was formed in 1977 with Kate Bush on vocals and piano. Now they’re back (minus Kate) with my mate Jodie May at the helm. Like a true hero I mugged off the Liverpool game to catch the gig at the Halfmoon in Putney. I took Anastasia, a girl I met on tinder a couple of weeks back who has been to over 56 countries but had never heard of Kate Bush.


First off there were two dudes in the audience who knew all the lyrics to all the songs. Of course neither of them could sing, and every now again they exchanged a confused look as if to say, ‘Hey what key are you in? Am I doing the topline?’ It was like that scene in Spinal Tap where the band visit Elvis’s grave and start singing Heartbreak Hotel. Only with less hair, and even less talent.

The band sounded brand new. The guitar player had this roundness to his voice that reminded me of McCartney in places. Jode is a natural and knowing how much she loves the Bush, in the thespian sense; you could say this was the role she was born to play. During Wow!Wow!Unbelievable, I decided to crack on to Anastasia, and went to kiss her on the cheek, only missed and got her ear. And it was less of a kiss, more of a mild head butt. She didn’t acknowledge it, instead brushed it off entirely by asking whether the bass player was wearing a wig or not. Later on the train home I text her.

Sorry about the half kiss/half head butt thing. I was trying to be spontaneous.

I got the message.‘ she replied, with a wink.


I aimed to get the 23.28 from Finsbury back to Huntingdon. There is a later train home but that’s filled with twats and people that fall asleep on your shoulder and piss themselves. (Hey we’ve all been there). I sprinted for this train, all the way from the tube. I could hear the beebs signalling the train to leave the platform and with seconds to spare I flung myself into the carriage as the doors shut behind me, clipping my ruck sack. I punched the air. One guy reading a greyhound form guide said in amazement;

Do you know how lucky you are?’

That weren’t luck baby.’ I said, and high fived a black man.




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