The Thursday Five – That Fan Made Bond Trailer & Other Cool Things


‘You’re sentimental towards him’ – Mallory, Skyfall

I’ve scoured the four corners of Switzerland this week to bring you some rather nifty stuff. Admittedly I should have done some kind of comprehensive travel blog, highlighting the best hotels in Zermatt, the finest restaurants in Lucerne, the sommeliers choice from the wine menu up the Prime Towers in Zurich. But where’s the fun in that? Here are the Thursday Five.

Pablo Nouvelle

I feel cool like Fonzi presenting this band for your aural pleasure. Just three dudes, I caught out in Switzerland that kept my ears company whilst I watched two other not-so entertaining dudes spray a car for 20 minutes. (No offense Divertimento, but that was literally like watching paint dry). They provide an ethereal, low-fi Electro-pulsetic ambience to the room. Ok so pulsetic isn’t a word, but I like the sound of it, I’m keeping it.

The Glacier Express

Admittedly I was hungover and slept through large chunks of the 8 hour train ride from Zermatt to St Moritz. But I woke up to one of those most amazing sights. Nope, not a train boner, instead I caught a glimpse of the train running serpentine past the narrow gauge Albula line, over the alien-scopic Landwasser viaduct before disappearing into a hole in the mountain. Again Alien-scopic isn’t a word, you could say I’m free forming today. Or just being lazy.

Jordan Henderson’s Goal

Jordan Henderson shut a few fuckers up with this worldy. Me included. Lets not forget this keeper is about 6,3 and can see this shot coming from about 30 yards out, and still, AND STILL got nowhere near it. Also take note Neville and Tyler you pair of lethargic shithouse’s, that’s how you commentate on a goal.

The Fan Made James Bond Trailer – Risico

What’s Risico? Risico is a chapter from Fleming’s For Your Eyes Only, considered to be one of the best titles never used for a celluloid Bond. Currently this has about 100 odd plays on YouTube and I think I can account for 90 odd of those. It doesn’t quite topple the Roger/Spectre mash up trailer, but that’s probably because I’m sentimental towards ol’ Rog.

Triumph & Disaster 

This Facial Cleanser kept me company through the four different hotels I stayed in last week. Hotel shower products can be hit or miss, pardon the pun it can be either a triumph or a disaster. (Good one Pedro). These guys have hit it out of the park for me. Their grooming goods are eco-friendly, no silicones, no animal testing.




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