I took my Sunday hangover down to Hammersmith Bridge to see Keira Rathbone, the Typewriter Artist. I don’t know where my love affair with the typewriter began, maybe reading Bukowski and hearing how he would refer to his typewriter as a punchbag. How cathartic it would feel punching those keys, venting his inner drunken-torment. Woody Allen still writes his screenplays on the very first typewriter that he bought, imagine how much that will be worth when Woody finally shifts on his mortal coil.


I still have my first typewriter that an ex bought me at a vintage shop in Huntingdon. I try and smash out a couple of letters to friends a week. Although I don’t get many replies. I’ve written dozens of letters to the guys that sold me a courtesy car 4 years ago. I still have the car that is the biggest piece of shit on the road. I paid £175 for a banger just to get back to work. At the time I thought it was going to be the most expensive cab ride I ever took but it’s still going. With each MOT and service I type them a letter letting them know that ‘the loner’ is still tearing up the tarmac. I don’t get a reply, but do you buy a round of drinks to get one back?


I digress.

So Keira sat unassumingly on the wall outside the Blue Anchor pub that by the way, charges £2.75 for a half of Budvar and doesn’t open it’s kitchen on a Sunday until 12.30pm. Their prerogative of course, but guess whose hungry arse couldn’t wait 30 minutes for a damn chilli burger. The Rutland Arms however can bring a pan to heat at 12, so went there instead.

I digress further.

Keira took time out to chat with me, an interview which you’ll be able to find on the podcast later in the week. For now I recommend that you all head over to her Facebook page and check out her art. Her new site is coming shortly.




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