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Lilli Luxe, could you please give us a thumbnail sketch of who you are and what you do? 

Sure thing, I’m a curvy model & influencer on a mission to change the media’s narrow standards of what “beautiful” means.

I’m quite entrepreneurial with my modelling – I have no agency and am completely independent. I run a few membership sites and created sponsored content for brands.

It has allowed me to live a nomadic travel lifestyle, and I’m able to spend my time volunteering, pursuing hobbies, & building businesses I’m passionate about.

Lilli Luxe in grey leggings and crop top

In 2017 you made the leap from your day job to becoming a full time job. How much was that a leap of faith or did you feel it was long overdue? 

It was a leap of faith, but wasn’t an accident. I was making *just* enough money from modelling to cover my day to day expenses, so I was unsure if I was going to be able to sustain it, but one year later, and it’s grown so much.

I’ve known that I’ve wanted to be self-employed for a long time. This jump came a bit sooner than I expected, but I’m glad I did it.

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How come you’ve moved from your hometown out to Thailand? 

I’ve always wanted to travel and move abroad. I always saw the US as my “prepping ground” for larger things. I never quite fit in Ohio, I was the girl spending most of my weekends working at coffee shops until 3AM freelancing, or doing photoshoots on the weekends with local photographers.

I had a few friends living permanently in Thailand and that encouraged me to make the move. It’s been so lovely- warm weather, friendly people, delicious food, and a really high quality of life for a low budget.

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Does it annoy you at all being referred to as a curve model, or plus size model? How far away are we as a society to just referring to ‘curve models’ as ‘models’?

Being called a curve model doesn’t bother me. I treat it as any other distinction between types of models (petite, mature, etc) It’s just a factual descriptor.

What does bother me is how far from reality the fashion industry’s labelling of “plus size” is though. “Curve” is pretty generic and fine, but plus size implies larger than the average woman, and many plus size models are *smaller* then the average woman which is not cool.

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What social media platform do you check the most, how do you engage with your audience and do you ever find social media a chore? 

I’m on Instagram and Facebook the most, and of course, my Lilli Luxe membership site Patreon.

Sometimes the attention on social media can be overwhelming so I’ll take a break for a few days to clear my mind. I love it when I get a really sweet, heartfelt message though, that’s often enough to get me back in the game and loving it again.

Your new project is called Confident Curves, Radiant Minds, what’s involved?

It’s still being developed, but I envision it being an organisation to help women of all ages with self-esteem and self-image through in person workshops, public speaking, and other trainings.

I’ve learned that a woman’s success in life largely depends on how she sees herself, and the conditioning for this thinking starts very young.

A woman who feels good about herself is going to be more empowered in relationships, business, sex, fitness, etc. I see it as being the foundation for everything important in life.

Lilli Luxe in white lace dress smiling

If someone was just starting out as a curve model/model, and they wanted to build their platform, what advice would you give them? 

Just like any other industry, learning key. I’ve watched dozens of hours of Youtube tutorials for makeup, hairstyling, posing, photography, editing, etc.

Once the model has an attractive look put together, it will be easier for her to work with higher quality photographers.

One of the big things that helped me when I started out was doing post exchanges with social media accounts larger than me.

Offering to share one of their posts/images if they would share one of mine. I would mass message hundreds of pages, and this worked really well.

Finally Lilli Luxe, I’m off to Thailand in a couple of weeks, what do I need to be aware of before heading out? 

Depends on where you are going, but I’d say just bring a smile 🙂

Lilli Luxe

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