One of the best travel bloggers I follow is Liza Tripsget. I had the pleasure of meeting Liza on a press trip to Ischia a couple of years ago.

On the first night myself and a team of bloggers all went to dinner and were asked impromptu by the event organisers to introduce ourselves, describe our blogs and what it is that drives our passion.

Liza spoke with great confidence and immediately distinguished herself on the trip by documenting everything with a gimbal and giving the rest of the team advice on tips on social media. (I have since purchased the same gimbal after seeing her use it so impressively).

I’ve been doing a fair bit of traveling myself and have some adventures marked for Miami, Singapore, Australia, Vietnam and Belgium. All within the coming months. I’m going to try and up my Vlogging game and hopefully become as proficient as Liza.

She kindly agreed to giving some advice and tips in an interview which you can find below. If you click on any image it will take you to her Instagram page. More information can be found on her website.

Firstly how do you manage to travel so frequently to so many exotic locations? Do brands sponsor you to travel?

I fund most of my travels myself and I can do that because of the full-time job. However, I’m lucky to have a job that provides me a small discount for hotels worldwide, so my travels get slightly more affordable because of that.

During the year, I usually do 1-2 sponsored trips, but these are mainly domestic, I as I don’t have enough vacation days to go on all the press trips. However, as a blogger, I quite often work with tourism boards for Media passes (free entry to museums and attractions) in exchange for publicity on my blog.

Would you call yourself a Blogger, Vlogger, Instagrammer? Or does a category not matter to you?

I would call myself a blogger – I spend so much time writing articles (I have more than 300 articles on my blog), however, I also have an Instagram with a decent following and a fast-growing Youtube channel. So I guess I’m a bit of everything.

What equipment do you take to document your travels?

Unlike professional photographers, I don’t have a suitcase full of photo gear, however, I have a good camera (Sony A7 with 3 lenses), 2 gimbals (1 for my iPhone and DJI Osmo Pocket for vlogs), a drone (DJI Spark) and two action cameras gifted by Nikon.

I often fly with a small bag only (not even with a small suitcase, thanks to the new Ryanair policy), so I can only take the essentials with me.

What mistakes do you often see other bloggers doing and what kind of things do you normally advise people on?

Participating in loop giveaways and buying followers is pretty bad – I’ve seen so many people doing it and I feel like it harms the industry.

The loop giveaways used to be great in the beginning, when they are small, people were actually buying the prize for the winner and everybody was happy, but now it’s just a way of making money for the organisers.

Is there another sidearm to Tripsget that generates revenue?

I know many bloggers who sell eBooks, courses and webinars, but to be honest, as I have a full-time job as well, I don’t really have time to create a course. Maybe in the future.

How important is it even to have a blog these days when we get so much information via Vlogs and Instagram photos?

When I search for things online, especially when already in that destination, I personally use Google all the time and end up reading really good blogs. Instagram is fabulous at the “need recognition stage”, when people thing about travelling and are inspired by certain photos.

When it comes to researching information, Instagram is the worst platform because the navigation is pretty much non-existent. Youtube is also tricky – sometimes you just wish to find the useful information really quickly and don’t have time to watch a full video of someone you don’t even know.

Besides, Internet is not always great and videos are generally quite heavy for the 3G internet in some locations.

What advice do you have when flying? You must have a good routine down by now?

Buying a ticket from a good airline? I have a list of no-go airlines already, where I had a bad time and I wouldn’t want to come back (e.g. Gulf Air or JOON by AirFrance). I always enjoy flying Emirates though and surprisingly, I love Aeroflot.

When it comes to short flights, I don’t care much, because those are generally very short within Europe and you can endure 2 hours in a plastic seat. I also always try to wear compression socks and wear comfortable clothes.

What advice would you give to travel Vloggers that are looking to get brands on board to sponsor their travels?

You need to have a very good niche and a strong recognition within this niche. Also, of course, good numbers in terms of traffic, likes and views. Finally, a good pitch is half of the success. Good luck!

Where in the world is there that you’d like to go?

My number one bucket list destination right now is Antarctica. I’d love to go on a cruise there, but since it’s very expensive, it will have to wait for a couple of years (at least).

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