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Having moved to Bethnal Green in December 2017, it’s awesome to stumble across someone that exploits the colourful backdrops and gives a true depiction of the area.

Lana MacIver is an all-rounder, model, actress, musician, director and through the medium of her instagram page, paints a true colour of my home in East London.

Lana MacIver are you the best thing to come out of Bethnal Green? 

Ha, honestly no, I cant compete with the colourful locals!

You’re a bit of an all-rounder actress, singer, model, musician. If you could choose one as a day job and the other as a ‘something to pass the time’ gig, what would it be?

I’d probably have my music as the hobby because most gigs happen in the evening anyway so I’d do my filmmaking and modelling during the day and play music all through the night.

London Model Lana MacIver

Regarding style, how often do you update the wardrobe? Who gets your hand me downs, and where do you shop?

I love updating my wardrobe weekly! There are so many cool brands online that I like shopping from. I live about ten minutes away from Brick Lane and all the vintage shops so every Sunday I’m out and about exploring all the different styles and bargains.

I try to make it a point to give all my old clothes to charity and I make sure they are in the best condition possible.

Which brands would you love to work with?

I’d love to work with The Kooples, Rockins even Dolls Kill. Just love edgy rock n roll styles.

Lana MacIver London Model

Re: your acting career, how much of your time is spent auditioning and is any part of that process enjoyable?

I go to as many as 4 auditions a week on a very busy week.

There’s a lot of prep involved and I used to get very stressed out with the whole ordeal at the beginning.

Now that I’ve done it so much, I have a process where I focus on warm up exercises, do some yoga, and relax my mind before heading out.

Who is your favourite James Bond and favourite James Bond girl?

My favourite James Bond and Bond girl is Daniel Craig and Eva Green. The chemistry between them was electric and Eva is just so beautiful.

I’ve had a major crush on her since I saw the film as a teenager.

How often do you get asked out on Instagram versus real life?

I get asked out the same amount on both Instagram and real life but people on the gram seem to have a real confidence when they’re “sliding into your DMs”.

They just get right to the point with messages like: you’re so🔥 go out with me. Very entertaining stuff.

How much of your work is sourced through social media and do you feel the pressure on uploading high quality photos all the time?

A lot of my work is sourced on social media and it’s a wonderful tool for a freelancer. I feel there is a lot of pressure to post quality content but that doesn’t necessary mean high res photos.

Just things that people can engage with and tell a story, whether that’s striking images from editorial shoots or just funny videos. The story feature is a great way of sharing more playful things and behind the scenes moments.

Lana MacIver London Model

Where can people see you play?

I’ve taken a break from playing in London for a while because I had enough of the exploitative promoters and generic nights they were putting on.

I’m laying low and exploring other venues — hoping to playing at some new places over the next few months. I always promote my gigs on social media.

Whens the new album coming out?

Before I turn 30.

Bjork or Tori Amos?

This is a bit of a Sophie’s choice question. They’re both such influential individuals and outstanding musicians. Tori and I share a birthday though…

Lana MacIver London influencer

For bookings and further info you can contact Lana MacIver through her website. Click on any image to follow her on Instagram.

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