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Want to know how the cool kids are dressing around Oxford Street these days? 

How about the best places to shop for bargains this Christmas? 

If someone offered you £10,000 for your dog, would you take it? 

Forget the last one, I just heard that hypothetical on a podcast recently. In fact I don’t know the answers to any of the others either, but I was out with the camera down Oxford St the other day and thought you might like to see some street style pictures.

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The gentleman above was kind enough to let me take his picture, (although we were in St James at this point. This outfit is something of a disquieting puzzle. But I like it, for it’s ambition at least. Technically the shirt should be tucked in, the cardigan looks like its fighting the body and the jeans are too 4inches too long, but as ensemble, it’s a bit like eating coleslaw, without liking any of the ingredients. It’s a curious and unorthodox approach to layering. Thank you sir.


The gentlemen above looked fantastic in these leather jackets. I believe the ones that are bookending the three have the same jackets. I did ask if I could get a picture from the front and they said no. That’s the way it goes sometimes. I used to own a Bolongaro Trevor Leather jacket and it proved to be a loyal servant, although barely worn. If you know the exact brand then leave a comment in the box below.


Green Tartan Zip Coat

How about this! I think this green tartan check coat is a real haymaker. Awesomely paired with a subtle black tee underneath.

I’ve been digging around for this brand, thinking at first it had the feel of a Samsoe and Samsoe or Harris Tweed feel about it. But I’ve come up desperately short on a close match. There really does seem to be a commercial void for green check tartan.

Not to leave you empty handed I’ve dug out a selection of Levi check shirts for your interest.

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The gentleman above has a real Morrisey look to him doesn’t he? Although it looks out of season and out of country, I like his floral Hawaiian shirt. Maison De Choup used to do some nice ones in this genre, although if you’re looking for floral shirts and you’re London based, look no further than Gresham Blake down in Spitalfields Market.

London-Suits-LayeringSuit layering browns and yellows

This gentleman has also introduced a little flavour into his layering with a green check shirt under a tanned waistcoat. Lots of rustic colours, resembling all the colours of the autumn rainbow. Fantastic, even thought a little busy.

The top green prince of wales check overcoat clashes with the shirt, and as an ensemble it doesn’t quite hang together for me.

I’d have lost the overcoat, braced the wind, and worn a neutral crisp white or black shirt under the waistcoat.

Then maybe a hat and a cane to go balls out. Possibly could consider looking at what David Evans at Grey Fox Blog for more inspiration.

The gentleman below is certainly geared up for some winter collage. I found his French flag motif jumper on ebay for £20. Let me know in the comment box below if you can identify these brands mentioned, and how much you’d sell your dog for.

Where do you shop in London for clothes?



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