On the Beatles Walk MPL office in Soho London

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1,000 Beatles fans descend every day to the famous zebra crossing that sits outside Abbey Road studios near St Johns Wood.

Some go across bare foot, some naked.

But that comes at the end of the tour, (yes another London Walk this weekend, courtesy of London Walks (info at the bottom) first let me tell you where it begins.

The Beatles Walk started outside Tottenham Court Station, meandered around Soho Square where Paul McCartney’s publishing house is located (see left) through Carnaby St, Savile Row and on to St Johns Wood where of course, Abbey Road is situated.

Let me tell you it was hotter than balls today, so if you’re doing these walks in the summer, pack a bottle of water and don’t offer it round.

It’s a dog eat dog world out there on these walks.

On The Beatles Walk, the tour guide Richard also brings along some imagery. The below is a picture that John Lennon’s son Julian painted for him.

When John asked ‘is that mummy’, Julian replied..

No Daddy, that’s Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds“. Lucy being a girl in Julian’s class.

Richard P Tour Guide for London Walks

Outside Trinity Studios London

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Next stop (there are many stops in between but I’m giving you the highlights) tucked away down thing-me-bob alley, is Trinity Studios.

(I can’t be seen writing everything down you know).

Here they recorded many famous tunes including Hey Jude.

Apparently the band asked the session players to sing the outro but they refused, saying they were paid to play instruments, not sing.

What assholes eh?

Other famous bands and artists have recorded at Trinity Studios;

Queen recorded Bohemian Rhapsody here.

Elton John recorded Your Song, Rocket Man, Crocodile Rock.

George Harrison recorded My Sweet Lord.

Rolling Stones recorded Sticky Fingers.

David Bowie has a blue plaque above the door here and recorded Changes, Space Oddity and Life on Mars.

Trinity Studio only now serves as a voiceover studio for movies.

Next Stop Savile Row!

Outside Abercrombie Kids no3 Savile Row

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Above is Abercrombie Kids, no3 Savile Row former Apple Corps headquarters. The business empire that The Beatles founded in a bid to recoup some tax.

(They were paying 95% tax at the time, according to Richard the guide hence the song Taxman by George Harrison; ‘Let me tell you how it will be, There’s one for you, nineteen for me‘).

They also filmed their last ever concert here on the roof of the building.

It was supposed to be the climatic scene for their movie Get Back, which as yet has never been released. The band hated the movie which chronicled the making of the bands last album Let It Be.

George Harrison called the film, “The movie of our divorce”. The film was retitled Let It Be as Get Back was deemed inappropriate for a band on the verge of splitting up.

Ringo Starr reportedly wore his Wife’s red coat, the last thing he could find before leaving the house because the weather was so inclement.

Graffiti on Abbey Road wall London

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You’ll jump on the Jubilee Line at Green Park, 3 stops down you’ll find yourself at St John’s Wood.

This is where you’ll see the famous Abbey Road zebra crossing that was to be the album cover for the titular album and the last stop on The Beatles Walk.

Originally the album was to be called Everest after the cigarettes, and when it was suggested they have a photo shoot at the top of Mount Everest, other names were considered for the album.

The infamous shot of the band walking across the Zebra Crossing was shot from a step ladder, aided by a policeman halting oncoming traffic.

6 shots were taken in all, others included McCartney wearing sandals.

The VW Beetle in the background is now in a museum in Munich (I believe).

John, Paul and Ringo all rocked up in Tommy Nutter suits, and Georgey boy thought he’d be different as per usual and wear his denim suit. (I don’t know the tailor).

The wall has plenty of graffiti containing lyrics, platitudes and penis scribbles. This is London after all.

Oh I have it on good authority that this wall is repainted every 2 months.

Abbey Road Zebra Crossing London

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The Beatles Walk, The Magical Mystery Tour, goes every Sunday at 11am from outside Tottenham Court Road tube station.

Highly recommend this and the Hidden London tour we did around Clerkenwell.

I’d also like to put together a personal plea to Abercrombie to open up the roof on their no3 Savile Row premises. Maybe if we get a petition together eh readers? Or start a march. You say you want a revolution, well you know..

Abbey Road Studios London Front Door

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