Hello everyone, thought you might like to see some snaps whilst getting lost around Genoa with the missus. Genoa has its charm, it has its danger, its very proud that Chris Columbus may or may have not lived there.

I love the fact a city can lay claim to that. The Chris Columbus house has a sign saying we think he may have lived there. Considering the city is littered with statues, it has annual celebrations etc, we don’t know for sure he lived here. I can say that about my chalet on the coast, bung a fake plaque on the wall saying Nelson Mandela once crashed in the box room for a week and list it on TripAdvisor.

It’s practically a license to print money.

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For further thoughts, travel information and things to do in Genoa then check out the article I wrote for Carl Thompson’s site entitled The Unsung City of Genoa.



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